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Effects of electromagnetic fields of cellular phone on testosterone and progesterone hormones rate in Syrian Hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus)

Alireza Lotfi & Habib Aghdam Shahryar

Department of Animal Science, Islamic Azad University, Shabestar Branch, Shabestar, Islamic Republic of Iran.

In this study, the effects of exposure to a 900 MHz electromagnetic field (EMF) emitted from cellular phones on serum testosterone and progesterone hormones rate of adult male Syrian Hamster were evaluated. 72 male Hamster divided in 3 groups include: 1) control group, without any radiation, 2) exposed for 10 days and under 900 MHz EMF (emitted from cellular phone) for 1 h daily, 3) exposed for 50 days and under 900 MHz EMF for 1 h daily. In end of experiment, blood samples collected for determine of the testosterone and progesterone concentration in the serum. Results showed that in long term exposure to EMF (group 3) testosterone levels were increased (6.96 ng/ml, P<0.01), but between groups 1 and 2, did not significant changes (3.21 & 3.65 ng/ml, respectively). progesterone level were significantly declined in groups 2 and 3 in compared with control group (progesterone level in control, short and long term exposure groups was 14.90, 11.63 and 4.75 ng/ml, respectively). In this study, progesterone level in hamster serum has been decreased by short-term and long-term exposure to 900 MHz. but testosterone level didn’t significant change in short-term exposure to 900 MHz EMF of cellular phone. In conclusion, long-term exposure to cellular phones EMF may affect the reproductive hormonal balance and impair endocrine homeostasis and it may cause peripheral effects.

Young Research Club, Islamic Azad University, Shabestar Branch, Shabestar, Iran.

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