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Endocrine Abstracts (2009) 20 P97

1Department of Internal Medicine, Numune Education and Research Hospital, Adana, Turkey; 2Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism Disease, Ege University Medical School, Izmir, Turkey; 3Department of Endocrinology, Numune Education and Research Hospital, Adana, Turkey; 4Department of Family Practice, Numune Education and Research Hospital, Adana, Turkey.

Objective: One of the common features of hypothyroidism is weight gain or failure to lose weight. Also bradycardia and mild hypertension can be seen. Impact of thyroid hormone deficiency on glucose and insulin metabolism is not fully understood. Thyroid hormones play role in lipid synthesis, metabolism and mobilization. Metabolic syndrome is a state which most features of hypothyroidism can be seen. Our aim is to investigate the frequency of metabolic syndrome in hypothyroid patients.

Methods: Overt hypothyroid 100 patients, subclinical hypothyroid 100 patients and 200 healthy controls enrolled in this study. NCEP-ATP III criteria was used for metabolic syndrome diagnosis.

Results: Body mass index was similar between the groups. Waist circumference was lower in the control group according to hypothyroid patients (P=0.0001). HOMA insulin resistance was higher in the hypothyroid group according to controls (P=0.008) and subclinical hypothyroid group (P=0.014). Metabolic syndrome prevalence was 44% in the hypothyroid group, 35% in the subclinical hypothyroid group and 33% in the control group. (P=0.016 for hypothyroid group versus controls and P=0.002 for hypothyroid group versus subclinical hypothyroid group). Waist circumference was higher in hypothyroid metabolic syndrome patients according to subclinical hypothyroid group and controls (P=0.001). Blood glucose, lipid parameters and blood pressure were similar between the groups.

Conclusions: Metabolic syndrome is increased in patients with hypothyroidism therefore hypothyroidism should be considired in newly diagnosed metabolic syndrome patients.

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