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12th European Congress of Endocrinology

Poster Presentations

Endocrine Disruptors

ea0022p370 | Endocrine Disruptors | ECE2010

Association between ischemia-modified albumin and oxidative stress markers in patients with metabolic syndrome

Ozbek Mustafa , Cakir Evrim , Colak Nujen , Cakal Erman , Aliyazicioglu Yuksel , Mentese Ahmet , Turan Ibrahim , Delibasi Tuncay

Objective: The aim of this study was to determine the change in serum ischemia-modified albumin (IMA) level and oxidative stress markers (total antioxidant status, TAS, total oxidant status, TOS) in patients with metabolic syndrome (metS).Research design and methods: We studied 52 metS patients (56.74±12.75 mean age), and 36 control subjects (54.47±6.52 mean age). The presence of metS was diagnosed according to National Cholesterol Education Pr...

ea0022p371 | Endocrine Disruptors | ECE2010

Effects of lambda-cyhalothrin on hematological parameters and testicular functions in male rat

Rachid Mosbah , Salah Boulakoud Mohamed , Mokhtar Yousef Ibrahim

Lambda-cyhalothrin is a potent synthetic type II pyrethnoid used worldwide to control a wide range of insects in agriculture, forestry, human health, and home. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects may occur on hematological and testicular functions by this pesticide. Two groups of wistar rats were used, the first group served as control and the second experimental was received an emulsion solution of Lambda-cyhalothrin by orale route at dose of 23 mg/kg duri...

ea0022p372 | Endocrine Disruptors | ECE2010

Evaluation of paraxonase activity, malondialdehyde and thiol levels in patients with hypogonadism before and after treatment

Bayram Fahri , Baskol Gulden , Demirkoparan Umit , Gundogan Kursad , Cakir Ilkay

Objectives: Hypogonadism is associated with a higher risk of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease, but the mechanisms underlying this association are not yet fully understood. Increased oxidative stress has been associated with development of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. We aimed to determine serum PON1 activities, an established lipid antioxidant, MDA levels which are end products of lipid peroxidation induced by ROS and thiol groups as an antioxidant fo...

ea0022p373 | Endocrine Disruptors | ECE2010

Micronucleus evaluation in mitogen-stimulated lymphocytes of patients with acromegaly

Cakir Ilkay , Hamurcu Zuhal , Donmez-Altuntas Hamiyet , Bitgen Nazmiye , Karaca Zuleyha , Elbuken Gulsah , Bayram Fahri

Aim: Acromegaly is an endocrine disorder characterized by sustained elevation of circulating GH and insulin-like growth factor (IGF1). IGF1 is a potent mitogen and has a role in the transformation of normal cells to malignant cells. Micronucleus (MN) frequency is a biomarker of chromosomal damage, genome instability and cancer risk. Our study aimed to evaluate spontaneous MN frequency by using the cytokinesis block MN assay to determine genetic damage in lymphoytes of patients...

ea0022p374 | Endocrine Disruptors | ECE2010

Paraoxonase is reduced in patients with GH deficiency: a risk factor for atherosclerosis?

Bayram Fahri , Baskol Gulden , Tanriverdi Fatih , Kocer Derya , Cakir Ilkay

Objective: GH deficiency is associated with an increased cardiovascular mortality. Increased oxidative stress has been associated with development of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. In the present study, we aimed to determine i) serum PON1 activities, an established lipid antioxidant, ii) MDA levels which are end products of lipid peroxidation induced by ROS and iii) thiol groups as an antioxidant for evaluating oxidative stress in patients with GHD before and aft...

ea0022p375 | Endocrine Disruptors | ECE2010

Normal cortisol response to high dose Synacthen and insulin tolerance test in children and adults with Prader--Willi syndrome (PWS)

Farholt Stense , Sode-Carlsen Rasmus , Christiansen Jens Sandahl , Ostergaard John Rosendahl , Hoybye Charlotte

Objective: PWS is associated with hypogonadism and partial GH insufficiency. In addition partial insufficiency of the hypothalamic┬ľpituitary┬ľadrenal (HPA) axis recently was suggested (de Lind van Wijngaarden 2008) based upon an insufficient response to an overnight single-dose metyrapone in 15 out of 25 (60%) children. We aimed at further exploring this potentially dangerous condition.Methods: During a 1-year period genetically verified PWS pat...