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12th European Congress of Endocrinology


Bone cell biology

ea0022s3.1 | Bone cell biology | ECE2010

Skeletal stem cells and mechanisms of bone formation

Kassem Moustapha

Human bone marrow stromal cells (hMSC) contain a population of stem cells known as skeletal (mesenchymal) stem cells that are capable for differentiation into several mesodermal-type lineages including osteoblasts, adipocytes and chondrocytes. The aim of our research program is to understand the biological characteristics of hMSC so that it is possible to make full use of them in the context of clinical applications. The following topics will be discussed: i) approaches to iso...

ea0022s3.3 | Bone cell biology | ECE2010

The role of the hypothalamic–pituitary–thyroid axis in bone

Bassett J H Duncan

Disruption of the HPT-axis during growth profoundly influences skeletal development and effects may not be reversed fully following correction of thyroid status. Adult thyrotoxicosis leads to increased bone turnover and is an established risk factor for osteoporotic fracture. The conventional view that skeletal responses to abnormal thyroid status result solely from altered T3 action in bone has, however, been questioned by studies proposing TSH as a negative regula...