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12th European Congress of Endocrinology


The aging male

ea0022s4.1 | The aging male | ECE2010

Genetic aspects of ageing in men

Huhtaniemi Ilpo

The ageing of men is affected by gender-specific environmental and lifestyle factors. In addition, hereditary factors in the form of gene polymorphisms apparently contribute to the large interindividual variability of the basal activity and age-related decline of the male pituitary–gonadal function. Only limited information is currently available on polymorphisms in genes affecting the regulation, production, actions and metabolisms of androgens. Therefore, the assessment...

ea0022s4.2 | The aging male | ECE2010

Osteoporosis in the aging male

Vanderschueren Dirk

Until recently, osteoporosis was considered a disease affecting mostly women. However, 30% of all hip fractures occur in men, suggesting that male osteoporosis is a major health issue as well. Low trauma fractures may also arise at other sites such as the vertebrae, distal forearm and proximal humerus. Although these osteoporotic fractures in elderly men occur less frequent than in women, mortality and disability following these fractures is greater in men than women. Beside a...