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Nursing practice

ea0031p175 | Nursing practice | SFEBES2013

Using a nursing model in the management of a patient with McCune--Albright syndrome

Jagger Caroline

McCune–Albright syndrome and fibrous dysplasia are a rare sporadic skeletal disorder in which normal bone structures and marrow are replaced by a benign fibrous tissue. The disease can be limited to one or many bones and is more prevalent in females. One of the clinical consequences experienced by patients is severe bone pain for which bisphosphonates are an effective treatment.By the use of a nursing model for the treatment of the patient with this...

ea0031p176 | Nursing practice | SFEBES2013

Development of adult endocrine specialist nurse competencies

Shepherd Lisa , Davies Kate , Gibson Christine , Middleton Morag , Munday Jean , Shalet Shashana , Yeoh Phillip , Cragg Julie , Kieffer Veronica

The Society for Endocrinology Nurse Committee provides national, international and local guidance, support and networking for nurses working in Endocrinology. Following review and revalidation of the endocrine nurse certificate, the Nurse Committee looked to explicate adult endocrine nurse competencies. The need for core competencies to standardise role expectations was a concern voiced from nurses and committee members. Up to the introduction of paediatric endocrine nurse com...