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15th European Congress of Endocrinology

Poster Presentations

Steroid metabolism and action

ea0032p968 | Steroid metabolism and action | ECE2013

Androgenic and estrogenic regulation of skeletal muscle mass and atrophy signaling in male mice

De Naeyer Helene , Everaert Inge , De Spaey Annelies , Kaufman Jean-Marc , Taes Youri , Derave Wim

Background: Hypogonadism in men is associated with low muscle mass and force. Although, androgen replacement is an effective therapy, it can have undesirable side effects. Identifying the androgen regulated molecular mechanisms that increase muscle mass and function could lead to the identification of novel muscle-specific therapeutic targets to improve the clinical outcomes of muscle wasting diseases. In this study, we examined in mice the effects of orchidectomy (after 1, 7 ...

ea0032p969 | Steroid metabolism and action | ECE2013

Cross-sex hormone therapy related adverse events: data from a large gender identity unit

Wierckx Katrien , Anseeuw Edward , Geerts Lieselot , Elaut Els , Heylens Gunter , Motmans Joz , Decuypere Griet , T'Sjoen Guy

Introduction: Hormonal therapy is part of an established treatment of gender identity disorder, however outcome data regarding mortality and morbidity are scant.Methods: A specialist center cross-sectional study in 193 transsexual women and 128 transsexual men (mean age 42.5 years) assessing physical health and incidence of possible treatment related adverse events compared to an age-matched female and male control group recruited from a population study...

ea0032p970 | Steroid metabolism and action | ECE2013

Screening for Cushing’s syndrome in obese patients

Exposito Maria Rosa Alhambra , Jimenez Carmen Tenorio , Sanchez Inmaculada Prior , Puerta Maria Jose Molina , Moreno Paloma Moreno , Jimenez Concepcion Munoz , Moreno Maria Angeles Galvez , Lopez Pedro Benito

Background: Cushing’s syndrome (CS) is considered to be more frequent among patients with metabolic syndrome. Previous studies have suggested to perform a routine screening for CS in obese patients; however, more recent reports only recommend a case-finding approach in patients with uncontrolled diabetes and hypertension, despite appropriate treatment.Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of unsuspected CS in morbidly obese...

ea0032p971 | Steroid metabolism and action | ECE2013

Role of retinol dehydrogenase 12 (RDH12) in the biosynthesis of 5α-androstane-3β,17β-diol (3β-diol) in the skin

Zheng Shu Fang , Luu-The Van

Using real-time PCR, we found that RDH12 is highly expressed in the skin of Macacafascicularis (mf). It has been known that RDH12 is a retinol dehydrogenase that catalyzes the reduction of retinal into retinol and play an important role in the visual cycle. Indeed, its deficiency is the cause of Leber’s congenital amaurosis 3, a genetic disorder characterized by retinal dystrophy affecting both rods and cones. Previously, we have shown that many of the members of the reti...

ea0032p972 | Steroid metabolism and action | ECE2013

Differences in adipose tissue lipolysis in critically ill septic patients with and without shock

Vassiliadi Dimitra , Ilias Ioannis , Kopterides Petros , Nikitas Nikitas , Theodorakopoulou Maria , Diamantakis Argyris , Dimitriadis George , Boutati Eleni , Maratou Irini , Dimopoulou Ioanna

Introduction: Critical illness, and sepsis in particular, drives adipose tissue lipolysis up (with triglycerides (TG) being split to free fatty acids (FFA) and glycerol (GLYC)) to meet increased energy demands. Few studies have addressed lipolysis with tissue microdialysis (MD).Aim: To assess indexes of lipolysis in septic patients with and without shock.Subjects and methods: The study included 110 men and 73 women (mean age+<small...

ea0032p973 | Steroid metabolism and action | ECE2013

UGT2B17 genotype and pharmacokinetic profile of testosterone during substitution therapy in men with hypogonadism

Bang Anne Kirstine , Jorgensen Niels , Rajpert-De Meyts Ewa , Juul Anders

Introduction: The UGT2B17 gene encodes a glucuronidase which is important for the urinary excretion of testosterone. Recent studies have shown that a common deletion polymorphism in UGT2B17 is strongly associated with significant lower levels of excreted urinary testosterone in men. The objective of this study was to investigate the association of the UGT2B17 gene polymorphism and the dosages of testosterone substitution in male patients with frank hypogonadism.<p class="a...

ea0032p974 | Steroid metabolism and action | ECE2013

Effects of food components and the ratio of epitestosterone to testosterone on steroid glucuronidation

Jenkinson Carl , Barker James , Petroczi Andrea , Naughton Declan

The ratio of the glucuronidated epitestosterone (E) and testosterone (T), used in doping tests, is currently under question. The key enzyme involved in E metabolism is UGT2B7 in contrast to T which is mainly metabolised by UGT2B17. Previous results demonstrated that at very high concentrations E acts as a competitive inhibitor to UGT2B17. Similarly, the literature reports competitive inhibition of UGTs by NSAIDS and phenolics that are not substrates of UGT2B17. The aim of this...

ea0032p975 | Steroid metabolism and action | ECE2013

Impact of smoking on neuroactive steroids

Hruskovicova Hana , Duskova Michaela , Hill Martin , Vondra Karel , Kralikova Eva , Starka Luboslav

Introduction: The dependence on tobacco, diagnosis F 17, is an independent condition in the International classification of diseases and presents one of the most widespread addictions. Chronic smoking can cause impairment of fertility in both sexes. However, only a small number of studies were dedicated to the influence of smoking on levels of steroid hormones and their neuroactive metabolites. Neuroactive steroids modulate the effects of tobacco on central nervous system, and...

ea0032p976 | Steroid metabolism and action | ECE2013

Changes of steroidogenesis subject to weight growth

Pospisilova Hana , Duskova Michaela , Hill Martin , Horak Luboslav

Introduction: Obesity epidemic has a considerable effect on the health of the population. Obesity is connected with infertility and hypogonadism. It is known that obese men have a low testosterone and higher estradiol level. The assumed mechanism would be increased testosterone aromatization in adipose tissue and a lower SHBG level, which means a decrease of overall testosterone. The aim of this study was to describe the changes of steroidogenesis with obese men.<p class="...