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Endocrine Abstracts (2013) 32 P646 | DOI: 10.1530/endoabs.32.P646

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Androgen levels and sexual activity in young men (n=773), 20–29 years of age, a population based study. Odense Androgen Study

Line Velling Magnussen , Torben Leo Nielsen , Dorte Glintborg , Claus Hagen & Marianne Andersen


Odense University Hospital, Odense, Denmark.

Introduction: Low androgen levels are associated with decreased sexual activity. However, to our knowledge no population based study has evaluated the association between androgen levels and sexual activity in young men.

Aim: To evaluate associations between androgen levels and sexual activity in young men.

Design: Seven hundred and seventy-three Danish men, aged 20–29 years, underwent clinical and biochemical examination: Total testosterone (TT), bio-available testosterone (BioT) and DHT levels) and questionnaires (sexual function). Odense Androgen Study is a population-based cohort study, the included men matched the county population of Funen (1–3).

Results: 391/773 (50.6%) were living with a partner. 141/773 (18.2%) were singles with a stable sexual partner and 241/773 (31.2%) were singles without a sexual partner. 28/773 (3.6%) were virgins.

TT, BioT and DHT levels were negatively associated with time since last coitus (r=−0.12, r=−0.10, r=−0.12, respectively; P<0.001).

Four hundred and fourteen men reported lower frequency of coitus than desired. 204/414 had a partner and 99/204 criticized low libido in their partner. These 99 men had their last coitus 5 days ago (1–28) (median (10–90 percentiles)). The number of days since last coitus was 6 days (1–60) in the remaining complainers (105/204), who were content with their partner (P<0.001 vs men unsatisfied with partner). The 99 men compared to the 105 men had significantly lower TT, BioT and DHT 19.1 vs 21.7 nmol/l; 11.2 vs 12.3 nmol/l and 1.55 vs 1.71 nmol/l, respectively (P<0.01).

Conclusion: 3.6% of men aged 20–29 years were virgins. Androgen levels were negatively associated with time since last coitus. Men with complaints concerning partner’s too low libido had fewer days since last coitus but had lower androgen levels than men who were satisfied with their partner.

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