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18th European Congress of Endocrinology

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Bone & Calcium Homeostasis (1)

ea0041gp41 | Bone & Calcium Homeostasis (1) | ECE2016

A serum 25 hydroxy-vitamin D concentration in search of a bone disease

Shah Sonali , Chiang Cherie , Sikaris Ken , Lu Zhong , Seeman Ego

Introduction: Vitamin D insufficiency and deficiency are defined as a serum 25-hydroxy-vitamin D (25(OH)D) below 50 and 30 nmol/l respectively. We aimed to determine whether there is a serum 25(OH)D that signals a low serum calcium and phosphate, secondary hyperparathyroidism, high bone remodelling, low area bone mineral density (aBMD), and so, an increased risk for microstructural deterioration and bone fragility.Method: Concentrations of 25(OH)D, calci...

ea0041gp42 | Bone & Calcium Homeostasis (1) | ECE2016

Hypercalcemia in patients with lymphoma

Pia Marengo Agustina , Guerrero Perez Fernando , Mercadal Vilchez Santiago , Gonzalez Barca Eva Maria , Peiro Martinez Inmaculada , Villabona Artero Carles

Introduction: Calcitriol-mediated hypercalcemia is one of the most common paraneoplastic syndromes associated with lymphoma.Aim: Evaluate clinical and biochemical manifestations as well on the management of hypercalcemia in patients with lymphoma.Materials and methods: Prospective analysis of patients with lymphoma who developed hypercalcemia during September-2011 and January-2016.Results: Two hundred and six...

ea0041gp43 | Bone & Calcium Homeostasis (1) | ECE2016

Evaluation of preoperative ultrasonographic and biochemical features of patients with aggressive parathyroid disease: Is there any reliable predictive marker?

Cakir Bekir , Burcak Polat Sefika , Kilic Mehmet , Ozdemir Didem , Aydin Cevdet , Sungu Nuran , Ersoy Reyhan

Introduction: Parathyroid cancer (PC) is rare accounting for <1% of all presentations. Tumors that demonstrate these atypical features and do not fulfill criteria for carcinoma can be classified as atypical adenomas (APA). Herein we aimed to evaluate the clinical and biochemical features of the patients with an atypical parathyroid adenoma or carcinoma and compare it with benign parathyroid adenomas.Method: Twenty-eight patients who were operated for...

ea0041gp44 | Bone &amp; Calcium Homeostasis (1) | ECE2016

Diabetes mellitus and carbohydrate metabolism in primary hyperparathyroidism

Mokrysheva Natalya , Mirnaya Svetlana , Lipatenkova Anna

Introduction: Primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT) results in alterations in carbohydrate metabolism, characterized by insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia, and glucose intolerance.Objective: The aim of our study was to evaluate carbohydrate metabolism status in patients with PHPT.Methods: One hundred and nine patients with PHPT were investigated, healthy controls included 36 individuals matched by sex age and BMI (BMI=27±5 kg/m...

ea0041gp45 | Bone &amp; Calcium Homeostasis (1) | ECE2016

Differencial diagnosis of increased serum parathyroid hormone: the importance of vitamin D deficiency/insufficiency

Baena-Nieto MGloria , Garcia-Garcia-Doncel Lourdes , Marquez-Pardo Rosa , Cayon-Blanco Manuel , Lopez-Velasco Rosario , Torres-Barea Isabel

Introduction: Vitamin D insufficiency is very common among Spanish adults. It is well established there is an inverse relationship between vitamin D and PTH levels. The diagnostic approach of an increased serum PTH concentration in a normocalcemic normophosphatemic patient is frequent in routine practice and the deficiency of vitamin D is the major cause of secondary hyperparathyroidism (SHPT). The aims of this study were to evaluate the prevalence of SHPT in a cohort of normo...

ea0041gp46 | Bone &amp; Calcium Homeostasis (1) | ECE2016

Denosumab increases bone mineral density in primary hyperparathyroidism treated with cinacalcet

Munoz Jimenez Concepcion , Manuel Quesada Gomez Jose , Moreno Moreno, Maria Rosa Alhambra Exposito Paloma , Inmaculada Prior Sanchez Maria , Angeles Galvez Moreno Maria

Cinacalcet decreases and normalizes serum calcium levels across a broad severity range of primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT), slightly reduces parathyroid hormone levels which generally remains elevated, whereas it has no effect on bone mineral density (BMD). Therefore, when administering cinacalcet to a patient with PHPT, concomitant treatment with an anti-catabolic drug should be considered.An open-labeled, prospective trial was conducted in 32 patient...

ea0041gp47 | Bone &amp; Calcium Homeostasis (1) | ECE2016

Determination of 25-hydroxy-vitamin D status, serum CrossLaps, and calcium intake in individuals with primary adult-type lactose malabsorption

Enko Dietmar , Kriegshauser Gernot , Stolba Robert , Mangge Harald , Forstner Thomas , Halwachs-Baumann Gabriele

Introduction: Primary adult-type lactose malabsorption (PALM) is a widespread inherited autosomal recessive condition. It is considered to be associated with osteoporosis. The purpose of the present study was to assess the 25-hydroxy-vitamin D (25[OH]D) status, serum CrossLaps and dairy calcium intake in individuals with PALM (i.e., LCT C/C−13910 genotype) and normal controls (i.e., LCT C/T-13910 and T/T−13910 genotypes). I...

ea0041gp48 | Bone &amp; Calcium Homeostasis (1) | ECE2016

Serum sclerostin levels are significantly higher in type 2 diabetes compared to latent autoimmune diabetes in adults regardeless the presence of metabolic syndrome

Napoli Nicola , Buzzetti Raffaella

Objective: Sclerostin, a circulating Wnt antagonist and a main negative regulator of bone formation, is increased in type 2 diabetes (T2DM). No data are available on latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA) and whether sclerostin is affected by metabolic syndrome (MS) associated with T2DM or LADA. We evaluated serum sclerostin and bone turnover markers in LADA and T2DM in relation with MS.Research design and methods: This cross-sectional study include...

ea0041gp49 | Bone &amp; Calcium Homeostasis (1) | ECE2016

Longitudinal changes in maternal 25(OH)D3 and free 25(OH)D, vitamin D binding protein and the relationship with cord vitamin D metabolites

Hey Felicity , Schoenmakers Inez , Assar Shima , Moore Sophie E. , Prentice Ann , Jones Kerry S.

Low maternal vitamin D (VD) status is associated with adverse fetal development. However gestational changes in VD metabolites and their relationship with cord concentrations are unclear.The plasma concentration of 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 (25(OH)D3) was measured using UPLC-MS/MS, and free 25(OH)D and vitamin D binding protein (DBP) concentrations were measured by ELISA. Plasma samples were collected longitudinally from women resident i...

ea0041gp50 | Bone &amp; Calcium Homeostasis (1) | ECE2016

Renal concentration capacity in primary hyperparathyroidism and changes after surgery and during medical management and monitoring

Mirnaya Svetlana , Mokrysheva Natalya

Introduction: Patients with primary hyperparathyroidism (pHPT) run an increased risk of death, and in some studies cardiovascular diseases were inversely related to urine osmolality.Aim: Evaluate the renal concentration capacity in patients with mild and severe pHPT, and its changes after surgery for pHPT and during medical management and monitoring.Materials and methods: The study included 77 patients (median age 57 (52;61)) with ...