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Society for Endocrinology BES 2016

Brighton, UK
07 Nov 2016 - 09 Nov 2016

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07 Nov 2016 to 09 Nov 2016 Brighton, UK Further information

Special Workshops and Sessions

Nurse session 2: Male fertility

ea0044n2.1 | Nurse session 2: Male fertility | SFEBES2016

Male puberty and spermatic development

Davies Kate

This session will focus on spermatogenesis and pubertal development in boys, emphasizing the use of the Tanner staging system in clinical practice. Implications of early and delayed puberty will be discussed, plus normal pubertal development, and its relevance in sperm banking for children undergoing cancer treatment....

ea0044n2.3 | Nurse session 2: Male fertility | SFEBES2016

Secondary Infertility

Dwyer Andrew

Primary forms of infertility result from gonadal causes and have limited treatment options. In contrast, secondary infertility is of neuroendocrine origin and is amenable to several therapeutic approaches. Reproductive capacity depends on critical developmental windows of hormonal activity during neonatal life and during puberty. Thus, a developmental perspective can provide insight for predicting fertility potential as well as for guiding the selection of treatment to maximiz...