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Society for Endocrinology BES 2016

Brighton, UK
07 Nov 2016 - 09 Nov 2016

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07 Nov 2016 to 09 Nov 2016 Brighton, UK Further information

Special Workshops and Sessions

Senior Endocrinologists' Session

ea0044se1.2 | Senior Endocrinologists' Session | SFEBES2016

Conservation endocrinology: What, are there more than two species to consider?

McNeilly Alan

Conservation is a tricky subject to discuss when people actually are asked to consider the present situation, and the virtual world that many live in today. Many of the losses of species are due to human intervention, through killing for pleasure, food, or profit (greed), or through habitat destruction. The species are innocent. Zoos provide a sanctuary for maintaining some numbers of species on a limited scale, but can only ever be a stop-gap to maintain the species, although...

ea0044se1.3 | Senior Endocrinologists' Session | SFEBES2016

Gut Dysbiosis and Hypertension – new or resurrected

Honour John

New research claims, for the first time, that gut microbiota affect hypertension in rats but authors were unaware of historical research indicating this link. The urine steroid metabolome by gas chromatography of a patient with congenital adrenal hyperplasia from 17-hydroxylase (CYP17) deficiency was reported in 1978. Many of the steroids were 21-deoxy products of corticosterone and could be hypertensinogenic or glycerrhitinic acid like factors. Further studies in CYP17 defici...

ea0044se1.4 | Senior Endocrinologists' Session | SFEBES2016

On gonads and gadflies: the oestrus angle

Hillier Stephen G

“In the Lucanian woods among the oaks ‖ Of green Alburnus’ slopes there swarms a fly ‖ (By us called gad-fly, oestrus by the Greeks). ‖ It's fierce and buzzes monstrously: whole herds ‖ In terror of it scatter through the woods, ‖ Until the sky rings with their bellowing…” Virgil, Georgics, Book III [K.R. Mackenzie's translation].Virgil's description of ...