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19th European Congress of Endocrinology

Lisbon, Portugal
20 May 2017 - 23 May 2017

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20-23 May 2017, Lisbon, Portugal Further information

ea0049ep631 | Endocrine Disruptors | ECE2017

Study of metabolic and some hormonal aspects among pubertal type 1 diabetic girls

Hamad Fatma , Khalid Mohsen

Background: The onset of type 1 diabetes before menarche was a risk factor for the subsequent development of hyperandrogenic disorders. It has been also suggested that the use of exogenous insulin to treat type 1 diabetes mellitus in those patients may contribute to the development of PCOS. Abnormal lipid levels were also reported in children with type 1 diabetes mellitus during pubertal years.Aim of work: This study was designed to investigate metabolic...

ea0049ep632 | Endocrine Disruptors | ECE2017

Bone-to-muscle endocrine axis modulating adaptation to exercise in athletes of mountain cycling in a Portuguese Marathon

de Alonso Isanete Alves , Matos Andreia , Gil Angela , Cardoso Carlos , Sardinha Luis Bettencourt , Bicho Manuel

Introduction: Besides the benefits of low-to-high intensity physical activity (PA) on metabolism, it is currently emerging that excessive PA can be deleterious with serious implications not only in muscle but also, bone remodeling. Despite recent findings remains still unclear and controversial, we hypothesize that exercise of impact, like mountain cycling, beyond influencing the metabolic and skeletal profile, represents an important model of profoundly changes in bone metabo...