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19th European Congress of Endocrinology

Lisbon, Portugal
20 May 2017 - 23 May 2017

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20-23 May 2017, Lisbon, Portugal Further information

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Bone & Calcium Homeostasis 2

ea0049gp43 | Bone & Calcium Homeostasis 2 | ECE2017

Chromosome 2q37 microdeletions in two cases of sporadic PHP-1B with broad GNAS imprinting defects

Pirelli Arianna , Elli Francesca Marta , Bordogna Paolo , de Sanctis Luisa , Terraris Daniele , Arosio Maura , Mantovani Giovanna

Pseudohypoparathyroidism type 1B (PHP-1B) is a rare, familial or sporadic, imprinting disorder due to the epigenetic dysregulation of the GNAS locus, whose main product is the α subunit of the stimulatory G protein (Gsα). Sporadic PHP-1B cases (spor-PHP-1B) display broad methylation abnormalities at multiple GNAS DMRs, but the underlying molecular mechanism is still unknown.Classically, PHP-1B patients show PTH and TSH resistance, but, in the p...

ea0049gp44 | Bone & Calcium Homeostasis 2 | ECE2017

Investigation of total and free 25OHD vitamin levels in patients with chronic renal failure on different dose of cholecalciferol

Toldy Erzsebet , Kovacs Laszlo , Nemeth Reka , Szakacs Gyulane , Kulcsar Imre , Locsei Zoltan

The total 25-hydroxy-vitamin-D (t-25OHD) level reflects the vitamin-D supply, but it is also influenced by the levels of vitamin-D-binding-proteins (DBP) and albumin. The type of dialysis influences the levels of serum proteins. The ‘free-hormone hypothesis’ states that only the free molecules (f25OHD) can diffuse intracellular. Our aim was to evaluate the total, calculated (c-f25OHD) and direct measured (dm-f25OHD) 25OHD levels in patients with chronic renal disease...

ea0049gp45 | Bone & Calcium Homeostasis 2 | ECE2017

Methylation patterns at the novel DMR of GNAS (GNAS-AS2) in pseudohypoparathyroidism 1B (PHP1B or iPPSD3) subtypes

Hanna Patrick , Rochtus Anne , Jueppner Harald , Mackay Deborah , Francou Bruno , Bouligand Jerome , Mantel Anne , Anagnostou Elli , Gaillard Dominique , Linglart Agnes

PHP1B -iPPSD3 per the new proposed classification- is a rare disorder characterized in most patients by proximal tubular resistance to PTH resulting in hypocalcemia, hyperphosphatemia and elevated PTH. Loss-of-methylation (LOM) at the Differentially Methylated Region (DMR) at GNAS exon A/B occurs in all PHP1B patients, but methylation changes at other DMRs within GNAS occur in some familial and most sporadic PHP1B cases. All patients with autosomal dominant PHP1B (AD-...

ea0049gp46 | Bone & Calcium Homeostasis 2 | ECE2017

Vitamin D correction elevates apolipoprotein levels in a sex-specific manner

Al-Daghri Nasser , Garbis Spiros , Chrousos George , Sabico Shaun , Aljohani Naji , Al-Saleh Yousef

Numerous studies have identified several extra-skeletal health outcomes to be associated with vitamin D deficiency, yet a definitive causal link is yet to be discovered. Our recent 3D LC-nESI-FTMS proteomic analysis among normal and overweight but apparently healthy adult Saudis identified apolipoproteins, a known independent cardiovascular risk factor, as one of the serological molecular signatures that modulate vitamin D levels. The present interventional study aims to compa...

ea0049gp47 | Bone & Calcium Homeostasis 2 | ECE2017

Recombinant human parathyroid hormone (rhPTH[1-84], parathyroid hormone rDNA) improves hypercalciuria in patients with hypoparathyroidism: 3-year analysis from RACE study

Clarke Bart L , Vokes Tamara J , Bilezikian John P , Bone Henry G , Denham Douglas S , Lee Hak-Myung , Levine Michael A , Mannstadt Michael , Peacock Munro , Rothman Jeffrey G , Shoback Dolores M , Warren Mark L , Watts Nelson B , Krasner Alan

Hypoparathyroidism (HPT) is characterised by hypocalcaemia and impaired renal phosphate excretion and calcium conservation. Oral calcium supplements and calcitriol can improve serum calcium levels but lack the physiologic effects of PTH on renal reabsorption of calcium. RACE is an ongoing open-label study evaluating the long-term safety of recombinant human parathyroid hormone 1-84 (rhPTH[1-84], parathyroid hormone rDNA) in adults with HPT (NCT01297309). In this interim analys...

ea0049gp48 | Bone & Calcium Homeostasis 2 | ECE2017

Vitamin D levels after 4 weeks of very low calorie diet (VLCD)

Bennasar Remolar MaAngeles , Perez Catalan Ignacio , Guinot Soler Maria

Introduction: Vitamin D is a liposoluble molecule which takes part in calcium–phosphorous homeostasis of the human body. Its optimum levels according to SEIOMM range between 30 and 75 ng/ml. Being liposoluble substances they require the presence of biliar salts for their absorption; 80% is absorbed in the yeyune and in a lesser extent in the duodene. The correct concentration of vitamin D is of key significance in obesity, particularly its visceral type. An excessive body...

ea0049gp49 | Bone & Calcium Homeostasis 2 | ECE2017

Upper gastrointestinal symptoms, endoscopic and pathological features, and serum gastrin and chromogranin A levels in patients with primary hyperparathyroidism

Ersoy Osman , Evranos Ogmen Berna , Burcak Polat Sefika , Ozturk Levent , Gumuskaya Ocal Berrak , Cakir Bekir , Ersoy Reyhan

Introduction: Upper gastrointestinal (UGI) symptoms are frequently encountered in patients with primary hyperparathyroidism (PHPT). Some of these symptoms may improve after PHPT treatment, while hypercalcemic state may also cause permanent effects. We aimed to evaluate UGI symptoms, UGI endoscopic and pathologic features and determine the relationship between these features with serum chromogranin A (CgA) and gastrin in PHPT patients.Methods: Seventy-one...

ea0049gp50 | Bone & Calcium Homeostasis 2 | ECE2017

Localisation of parathyroid adenomas using 11C-methionine-PET/CT when conventional imaging methods are negative

Nelimarkka Lassi , Ounaslehto Aapo , Eloranta Eija , Moilanen Leena , Hurme Saija , Seppanen Marko , Nuutila Pirjo

In primary hyperparathyroidism (pHPT) an exact localization of the pathological parathyroid gland(s) is essential before minimally invasive parathyroidectomy. We have previously shown in a small group of pHPT patients, that 11C-methionine-PET/CT provides additional information if 123I/99m Tc-sestamibi (MIBI) scan remains negative. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the clinical value of 11C-Met-PET/CT in a larger pHPT patie...

ea0049gp51 | Bone & Calcium Homeostasis 2 | ECE2017

Calcium to phosphorous ratio (Ca/P) as helpful index to recognize primary hyperparathyroidism, but not primary hypoparathyroidism: a big-data approach

Vincentis Sara De , Santi Daniele , Rochira Vincenzo , Setti Monica , Tagliavini Simonetta , Varani Manuela , Trenti Tommaso , Simoni Manuela , Madeo Bruno

Background: Primary hyperparathyroidism (HyperPT) and primary hypoparathyroidism (HypoPT) are often underdiagnosed. Several strategies have been investigated in the past in order to identify diagnostic parameters, although the diagnosis of both HyperPT and HypoPT remains challenging so far, especially in asymptomatic patients. Calcium (Ca) and phosphorus (P) are inversely related together, thus the Ca/P ratio could be an useful tool to define these conditions. Recently, we pro...