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21st European Congress of Endocrinology

Lyon, France
18 May 2019 - 21 May 2019

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18-21 May 2019, Lyon, France

Oral Communications

Endocrine Connections 2

ea0063oc12.1 | Endocrine Connections 2 | ECE2019

Weekly shifts in light-dark cycle disrupt circadian clock gene expression in bone and reduce bone turnover

Schilperoort Maaike , Bravenboer Nathalie , Kroon Jan , Lim Joann , Ruyven Leo van , Rensen Patrick , Kooijman Sander , Winter Elizabeth

The past decade, epidemiological studies have associated disturbances of the biological clock, as occurs in shift work, with low bone mineral density and increased fracture risk. As a large part of the working population participates in shift work (e.g. almost 30% of workers in the U.S.), this demonstrates the need for further research on the risk of skeletal disorders associated with circadian disturbances. In this study, we aimed to investigate to what extent rhythmicity exi...

ea0063oc12.2 | Endocrine Connections 2 | ECE2019

Epigenetic programming of transgenerational hypertension in preterm birth mice

Dumeige Laurence , Nehlich Melanie , Viengchareun Say , Pussard Eric , Lombes Marc , Martinerie Laetitia

Renal and cardio-vascular complications of prematurity are well established, notably those associated with renal tubular immaturity, responsible for major salt loss at birth, as well as early hypertension in adulthood. However, the molecular underlying mechanisms remain poorly understood. Our objective was to investigate the impact of preterm birth on the ontogenesis of renal corticosteroid pathways, to evaluate its implication on perinatal complications and on the emergence o...

ea0063oc12.3 | Endocrine Connections 2 | ECE2019

Neuronostatin and GPR107 system: a novel therapeutic circuit in prostate cancer

Saez-Martinez Prudencio , Jimenez-Vacas Juan M , Herrero-Aguayo Vicente , Leon-Gonzalez Antonio J , Gomez-Gomez Enrique , Montero-Hidalgo Antonio J , Requena-Tapia Maria J , Castano Justo P , Gahete Manuel D , Luque Raul M

Somatostatin (SST)-system is a pleiotropic hormonal system composed by several ligands/receptors that is involved in the regulation of multiple pathophysiological functions. Specifically, certain components of the SST-system are dysregulated in several endocrine-related cancer types compared to control tissues, wherein these alterations seem to influence their development/progression. However, the presence and functional role of neuronostatin (NST) and its putative G-protein c...

ea0063oc12.4 | Endocrine Connections 2 | ECE2019

Long-term follow-up of antitumoral immunotherapy- induced hypophysitis in Lille hospital, France

Pinoche Tiphaine , Mortier Laurent , Scherperel Arnaud , Rudelli Christine Cortet , Merlen Emilie

Ojective: We characterized the onset and follow-up of hypophysitis in a cohort of 612 patients treated for a cancer by antitumoral immunotherapy between june 2010 and may 2017 in CHU Lille, France. Design and patients: 612 patients treated by anti-CTLA4 and or antiPD-1 for melanoma (n=426), lung cancer (n=166), hematological cancer (n=19) or maxillary epidermoid cancer (n=1).Methods: Follow-up of patients treated by im...

ea0063oc12.5 | Endocrine Connections 2 | ECE2019

Sexual desire in transgender persons in relation with gender affirming hormone treatment: Results from ENIGI, a large multicenter prospective cohort study in transgender people

Defreyne Justine , Kreukels Baudewijntje , T'Sjoen Guyt , Heijer Martin Den , Heylens Gunter , Elaut Els

Background: The effect of testosterone on sexual arousal has been described in testosterone withdrawal and re-adminstration studies in birth-assigned males. In birth-assigned females, the relationship between sex steroids and sexual arousal is complex. Several steps in the transitioning process may affect sexual desire: hormone therapy (HT) and gender affirming surgery. HT in transgender men (TM) generally leads to increased sexual desire, masturbation frequency, sexual fantas...