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Endocrine Abstracts (2019) 63 P183 | DOI: 10.1530/endoabs.63.P183

Adiponectin concentrations in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients compared with healthy controls

Veranika Labashova1 & Alla Shepelkevich2

1Republic Center of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneotherapy, Minsk, Belarus; 2Belarusian State Medical University, Minsk, Belarus.

Objectives: Adiponectin is an adipokine that play an important role in glucose metabolism and energy homeostasis. The aim of our study was to evaluate adiponectin levels in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients compared with healthy controls.

Methods: A sample of 246 patients with type 2 diabetic mellitus and 86 age and BMI-matched controls were included. The mean duration of diabetes was 9.54 (5–13) years. The mean glucose level was 8.14 (5.56–9.9) mmol/l in diabetic patients, 5.48 (4.9–5.78) mmol/l in healthy controls.

Results: No statistical differences were revealed in adiponectin levels of the examined groups. Fasting concentration of adiponectin in diabetic patients was 3.44 (1.6–4.44) ng/ml vs 4.03 (1.62–6.28), ng/ml in healthy adults, P=0.25. However the study identified gender differences in serum adiponectin concentrations. The level of adiponectin in women with type 2 diabetes mellitus was 3.74 (1.84–4.72), ng/ml, in male 2.61 (1.32–3.17) ng/ml; P=0.001. In the group of healthy women adiponectin concentration was 4.47 (1.92–6.72), ng/ml; in healthy men 2.65 (1.54–3.77) ng/ml; P=0.039.

Conclusion: The study did not found statistical differences in adiponectin levels in diabetic and nondiabetic patients. The level of adiponectin was higher in female than in male regardless of the presence of the disease.

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