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22nd European Congress of Endocrinology

05 Sep 2020 - 09 Sep 2020

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Europe's leading endocrinology congress showcasing the very best in the study and treatment of endocrine disorders.

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Endocrine-related Cancer

ea0070ep266 | Endocrine-related Cancer | ECE2020

Triple malignancy in a single patient including a medulloblastoma, a papillary thyroid cancer and a gastrointestinal adenocarcinoma: A case report

Nagy Rea , Vágvölgyi Anna , Sepp Krisztián , Czakó László , Tiszlavicz László , Bödör Csaba , Valkusz Zsuzsanna

Second malignant neoplasm following irradiation is a rare sequelae of primary childhood malignancies. Irradiation is a well-known risk factor for the development of benign and malignant thyroid tumors. Here we present the case of a young woman with medulloblastoma, who later developed thyroid cancer and eventually was also diagnosed with a cholangiocarcinoma.At the age of 7 the patient presented with headaches, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, somnolence and d...

ea0070ep267 | Endocrine-related Cancer | ECE2020

Raised Metanephrines in SDHB mutation- the hunt for the source

Yang Sim Sing , Al-Mrayat Ma’en

We present a case of a 24 year old lady with known SDHB mutation. She was referred from the genetics clinic in view of a strong family history of premature paraganglioma at the age of 17. On initial clinic assessment she exhibits no symptoms suggestive of paraganglioma or pheochromocytoma. Her blood pressure is normal at 120/75. pulse of 60–80bpm. Physical examination was unremarkable Her Plasma normetanephrine done on two separate occasion were elevated at 1600 pmol/l a...

ea0070ep268 | Endocrine-related Cancer | ECE2020

How much time is spent on electronic prescribing in an endocrinology outpatient clinic?

Ilias Ioannis , Kakoulidis Ioannis , Stergiotis Stefanos , Togias Stefanos , Koukkou Eftychia

Introduction: In a US study of general practitioners, 50%-60% of their working time was found to be dedicated to paperwork and electronic medical record-keeping (including electronic prescription – EPC writing)1.Aim: Given the mandatory use of EPC in Greece, we wanted to assess the time required for this in the daily practice of our outpatient endocrinology clinic.Method: In one of the outpatient (OUP) clinics of t...

ea0070ep269 | Endocrine-related Cancer | ECE2020

Multiple endocrine neoplasia: A case series of 7 families

Duarte Vitória , Ivo Catarina , Veríssimo David , Marcelino Mafalda , Vara Luiz Henrique , Franco Sara , Bastos Filipa , Manita Isabel , Raimundo Luisa , Portugal Jorge

Introduction: Multiple endocrine neoplasia (MEN) is a rare genetic syndrome characterized by occurrence of tumors involving two or more endocrine glands. Four types are described: MEN1, MEN2, MEN3 and the recently identi&#-1279;ed MEN4. Due to the complexity of the syndromes, it is difficult to manage these patients. Our objective was to describe the clinical features of individuals from 7 families with a diagnosis of MEN1 or MEN2 and identify current challenges in clinical pr...

ea0070ep270 | Endocrine-related Cancer | ECE2020

All with men 2A in one family?

Lazar Diana-Georgiana , Vasilescu Sorana L. , Elena Oros Sabina , Dumitrascu Anda , Smarandache Romeo , Caragheorgheopol Andra

Multiple endocrine neoplasya type 2 (MEN-2) is a rare hereditary complex disorder caused by a germline activating mutation of the RET proto-oncogene. The estimated prevalence is approximately 1:30.000. Three clinical forms have been described depending on the phenotype: MEN2A (80%), MEN2B and familial medullary thyroid carcinoma (MTC).Clinically, MEN2A present with MTC (80–100%), unilateral or bilateral pheocromocytoma (40%) and primary hyperparath...