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Endocrine Abstracts (2020) 70 AEP443 | DOI: 10.1530/endoabs.70.AEP443

Results of survey of patients trained in the outpatient diabetes school

Ina Taukin1, Volha Shyshko1, Alena Yurenya1, Volha Lazovtseva1, Tatjana Mokhort2 & Iryna Bilodid2

1City Endocrinology Dispensary, Endocrinology, Minsk, Belarus; 2Belarusian State Medical University, Endocrinology, Minsk, Belarus

Background: Constant feedback is required for optimal performance, allowing for flexible planning of outpatient diabetes schools.

Aim: To study patient satisfaction with the results of education in the outpatient school for type 1 diabetes (s.d.).

Materials and methods: 96 patients with type 1 diabetes (T1D) were included. The survey contained 5 questions: Have patients previously been trained at the s.d.? Which sources do they use to receive information? Does the patient suppose that he has enough knowledge about diabetes? Does the patient fully implement the doctor’s recommendations? What is a convenient time for attending classes? Does the patient is involved in social networks?

Results: 74.5% of the patients surveyed had previously received training at the s.d. 32.26% had been trained more than 3 years ago. 54,84% had undergone training in hospital. 3,22% have been trained in s.d. 67.74% regularly receive information from their attending endocrinologist. 29.03% – from books on the T1D. 58.06% – from the Internet. 22.58% – from other patients with the T1D. 61.3% consider they have enough knowledge about T1D. There’s not enough knowledge: 12.9% do not know why they have hypoglycemia; 16.3% are not sure about the correctness of BU calculation and selection of insulin doses; 20,0% are not sure that they can help themselves with hypoglycemia; 12.9% are in need of an individual diet and food selection; 3.22% do not know enough about foot care. 70.91% of patients believe that they are implementing all the doctor’s recommendations; not following the recommendations: 9.68% do not follow the nutrition recommendation; 16.1% do not follow the recommendations for physical activity; 12.9% do not keep a self-control diary; 3.2% break the date of appointment for a second medical examination; 3.2% do not perform frequent self-control due to lack of test strips. 3.22% of patients are ready to attend classes daily. 6.45% of patients are ready to attend classes every day. 51.61% of patients are more comfortable attending classes once a week (on Saturdays).

Conclusion: Patients with T1D type have insufficient knowledge on the prevention of acute complications, calculating CE and insulin doses, ready to visit classes on diabetes and most of them suppose they have enough knowledge about diabetes.

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