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ESE Young Endocrinologists and Scientists (EYES) Annual Meeting

ESE Young Endocrinologists and Scientists’ annual meeting

Obesity, metabolism & miscellaneous endocrinology

ea0075o01 | Obesity, metabolism & miscellaneous endocrinology | EYES2021

What dietary patterns contribute to obesity in children and adolescents aged 3-17 years in china: A systematic review

Wang Yanqin , Crowe Francesca

Objectives: The aim is to systematically review the evidence among the eligible primary studies in which the relationship between dietary patterns and risk of obesity/overweight in children and/or adolescents aged 3-17 years in China was assessed.Methods: Bibliographic databases such as Medline (Ovid), were searched. Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) terms, synonyms or alternative terminologies, acronyms were included. The quality of included studies was a...

ea0075o02 | Obesity, metabolism & miscellaneous endocrinology | EYES2021

A systematic review and meta-analysis of postoperative complications and outcomes in OAGB (one anastomosis gastric bypass) vs. RYGB (Roux-en-Y gastric bypass)

Chan Tin , Ong-Ying-Wei John , Hazlehurst Jonathan

Objectives: To report outcomes comparing RYGB (Roux-en-Y gastric bypass) and OAGB (one anastomosis gastric bypass) on patients with obesity. To further investigate the efficacy of OAGB, given that there is significant interest in OAGB as it has reported reduced operating time, better weight loss and increased remission of obesity-related comorbidities. However, there are concerns over potentially serious postoperative complications causing limited uptake.<p class="abstext"...

ea0075o03 | Obesity, metabolism &amp; miscellaneous endocrinology | EYES2021

The estimated glucose disposal rate as a potential biomarker for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and cardiovascular disease in type 1 diabetes

Mertens Jonathan , Weyler Jonas , Vonghia Luisa , Dirinck Eveline , Francque Sven , De Block Christophe

Background: Patients with type 1 diabetes (T1D) have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), despite insulin therapy. Insulin resistance is strongly associated with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and CVD. The euglycemic clamp, the gold standard to assess insulin resistance in T1D, is unsuited for clinical practice. The estimated glucose disposal rate (eGDR) is increasingly used as an alternative in T1D, but its role as a NAFLD or CVD predictor is unexplor...

ea0075o04 | Obesity, metabolism &amp; miscellaneous endocrinology | EYES2021

Unleashing the crosstalk between prostate cancer and obesity: miR-107 as a novel personalized diagnostic and therapeutic tool

Saez-Martinez Prudencio , Herrero-Aguayo Vicente , Jimenez-Vacas Juan M. , Moreno-Montilla Trinidad , Carrasco-Valiente Julia , Sarmento-Cabral Andre , , Lopez-Miranda Jose , Gomez-Gomez Enrique , Castano Justo P. , Gahete Manuel D. , Luque Raul M.

Background: Prostate cancer (PCa) is one of the most common causes of cancer-related deaths in men worldwide. Early detection of PCa faces severe limitations as PSA displays poor-specificity. Therefore, new diagnostic and therapeutic alternatives are urgently needed.Objectives: This work was aimed to investigate the miRNA landscape in PCa and explore their putative diagnostic/therapeutic utility.Methods: The miRNome of plasma sampl...

ea0075o05 | Obesity, metabolism &amp; miscellaneous endocrinology | EYES2021

In1-ghrelin as a key element in the pathophysiological association between obesity and prostate cancer

Montero-Hidalgo Antonio , Montero-Hidalgo Antonio J. , Herrero-Aguayo Vicente , De la Rosa-Herencia Ana de la Salud , Gomez-Gomez Enrique , Guler Ipek , Castano Justo P. , Sarmento-Cabral Andre , Gahete Manuel D. , Luque Raul M. , Jimenez-Vacas Juan M.

Background: Prostate cancer (PCa) diagnosis is based on the serum levels of prostatic specific antigen (PSA), which might be influenced by many clinical conditions, including obesity. In addition, the diagnostic capability of PSA test dramatically drops when considering patients with PSA levels lower than 10ng/mL (i.e. “grey-zone”). Therefore, the identification of more reliable non-invasive diagnostic biomarkers for PCa is a critical unmet clinical need. In this sce...

ea0075o06 | Obesity, metabolism &amp; miscellaneous endocrinology | EYES2021

Somatostatin and ghrelin systems characterization reveals a central role in chronic liver disease

Herman-Sanchez Natalia , Lopez-Canovas Juan L. , Garcia-Estrada Antonio , del Rio-Moreno Mercedes , Saez-Martinez Prudencio , Sanchez-Frias Marina E. , Amado Victor , de la Mata Manuel , Cordoba-Chacon Jose , Sarmento-Cabral Andre , Rodriguez-Peralvarez Manuel , Luque Raul M. , Gahete Manuel D.

Background: Hormonal signalling plays a key role in the progression of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) to hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). However, the role of somatostatin (SST), cortistatin (CORT), neuronostatin (NST) and ghrelin systems in NAFLD-HCC progression has not been elucidated.Objectives: To characterize the role of SST/CORT/NST and ghrelin systems in chronic liver disease and evaluate its clinical potential.Met...

ea0075o07 | Obesity, metabolism &amp; miscellaneous endocrinology | EYES2021

Dietary patterns as risk factor for arterial stiffness and carotid atherosclerosis in menopause

Mili Nikoletta , Karagkouni Iliana , Delialis Dimitris , Yannakoulia Mary , Armeni Eleni , Papavangelis Christos , Augoulea Areti , Kouerinis Efthymios , Kontou Loraina , Paschou Stavroula , Mavraganis Georgios , Aravantinos Leon , Stamatelopoulos Kimon , Lambrinoudaki Irene

Background: Apart from traditional cardiovascular-risk factors and fluctuating sex hormone levels, environmental and lifestyle factors might also contribute to the heightened cardiovascular risk after menopause.Objective: To explore whether nutritional factors are associated with subclinical vessel disease in postmenopausal women.Methods: This cross-sectional study recruited 310 apparently healthy postmenopausal women, attending a ...

ea0075o08 | Obesity, metabolism &amp; miscellaneous endocrinology | EYES2021

Additive antitumor effect of metformin and simvastatin combination in glioblastoma: evidence for a potential drug repurposing

Fuentes-Fayos Antonio C. , Perez-Gomez Jesus M. , Garcia-Garcia Miguel E. , Jimenez-Vacas Juan M. , Martin-Colom Julia , Doval-Rosa Carlos , Blanco-Acevedo Cristobal , Gahete Manuel D. , Castano Justo P. , Solivera Juan , Luque Raul M.

Background: Glioblastomas (GBMs) remain the deadliest human brain tumors, with a poor prognosis despite years of research. Currently, standard therapeutic strategies to treat GBM are not efficient, and the overall survival is ˜14 months. Thus, the identification of new therapeutic tools to battle GBMs is crucial. In this sense, many metabolic drugs (e.g., metformin (MF) and simvastatin (SVT)) have emerged as putative antitumor agents for certain endocrine-related cancers,...

ea0075o09 | Obesity, metabolism &amp; miscellaneous endocrinology | EYES2021

Characterization and oncogenic role of the somatostatin receptor splicing variant SST5TMD4 in human high-grade astrocytomas

Garcia-Garcia Miguel E. , Fuentes-Fayos Antonio C. , Peel Annabel , Blanco-Acevedo Cristobal , Solivera Juan , Castano Justo P. , Gahete Manuel D. , Luque Raul M.

Background: Gliomas are the most common primary brain tumor, being astrocytomas a subset of malignant gliomas graded on a scale of I to IV. Grade-IV astrocytomas (glioblastoma multiforme; GBM) are the most malignant and aggressive type. Current standard treatments are ineffective, being their average postoperative survival of 12-16 months. Therefore, there is a clear need for the identification of novel therapeutic targets to treat this pathology. In this context, the truncate...

ea0075o10 | Obesity, metabolism &amp; miscellaneous endocrinology | EYES2021

Use of pre-lecture Concise Medical Information Cines (CoMICs) to enhance learning in medical school

Evans Nia , Delson Dwi , Ooi Emma , Warmington Emily , Shabbir Dania , Ng Cai Ying , Piya Simran , Han Seunghee , Chee Yap Soon , Melson Eka , Davitadze Meri , Kempegowda Punith

Objectives: Pre-clinical medical education is mainly delivered in didactic large-group lectures, where complex new terminology and concepts are introduced. Mounting evidence suggests that pre-class activities introducing new material can increase student performance. Concise Medical Information Cines (CoMICs) compresses information on various diseases into 5-minute videos. This study assessed the effectiveness of CoMICs as a pre-lecture resource to enhance learning and motivat...

ea0075o11 | Obesity, metabolism &amp; miscellaneous endocrinology | EYES2021

Simulation via Instant Messaging – Birmingham Advance (SIMBA): First steps towards standardising online simulation-based learning in clinical endocrinology

Davitadze Meri , Ooi Emma , Zhou Dengyi , Hanania Thia , Warmington Emily , Nirmal Rachel , Sakthivel Pavithra , Ali Anisah , Soran Vina , Elhariry Maiar , Abdi Zakee , Evans Nia , Ng Cai Ying , Elghobashy Mirna , Arlt Wiebke , Boelaert Kristien , Karavitaki Niki , Tait Karen , Narendran Parth , Gittoes Neil , Melson Eka , Kempegowda Punith

Background: The COVID-19 pandemic restricted face-to-face teaching leading to increased use of virtual learning platforms. Launched in 2019, Simulation via Instant Messaging – Birmingham Advance (SIMBA) delivers simulation-based learning to increase clinicians’ confidence in managing various clinical scenarios.Objective: To explore SIMBA’s effectiveness to sustain medical education in endocrinology during the pandemic.<p class="abstext...

ea0075o12 | Obesity, metabolism &amp; miscellaneous endocrinology | EYES2021

Tier 3 weight management: patient comorbidities and clinical outcomes

Bhatt Shreya , Hazlehurst Jonathan , Tahrani Abd , Bellary Sri

Objectives: The Tier 3 Weight Management (WM) service is a comprehensive pathway for people with a Body Mass Index (BMI) >40 or >35 with complications. This study aimed to describe the clinical characteristics and outcomes in patients referred to the WM service in Birmingham and Solihull (BSol).Methods: This was a retrospective health service evaluation of adults consecutively referred to the BSol WM service from March 2017 to April 2018. Data wa...

ea0075o13 | Obesity, metabolism &amp; miscellaneous endocrinology | EYES2021

Assessment of knowledge, attitudes and practices towards Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) among medical students of Punjab

Malhotra Kashish , Goyal Kashish , Malhotra Kashish , Goyal Naresh

Background: An endocrine disruptor is an exogenous chemical or mixture of chemicals that interfere with any aspect of hormone action. It can interfere with the body’s endocrine system and produce adverse cardiovascular, neurological, developmental, reproductive, and metabolic effects in humans. This study aims to evaluate the knowledge, attitude, and practices (KAP) of the medical students regarding the exposure, usage, and long-term harmful effects of Endocrine Disrupt...