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ea0037ep486 | Diabetes (complications & therapy) | ECE2015

Intensive glycemic control fails to improve indices of vascular dysfunction in patients with type 2 diabetes; results at 6–12 months follow-up

Antoniou Sofia , Naka Katerina , Bechlioulis Aris , Michalis Lampros , Tsatsoulis Agathocles , Tigas Stelios

Background: In subjects with long duration of type 2 diabetes (T2DM), strict glycaemic control fails to decrease the incidence of cardiovascular disease (CVD). Impaired vascular indices have been associated with adverse cardiovascular prognosis in T2DM. We examined whether intensive glycaemic control in T2DM patients improves vascular indices.Methods: We studied 68 T2DM patients (64±9 years, 52% males, and T2DM duration 14±10 years) with poor g...

ea0067o65 | Oral Presentations | EYES2019

Endothelial function and arterial stiffness indices remain unchanged following intensification of glycemic control in poorly controlled patients with long-standing type 2 diabetes mellitus

Antoniou Sofia , Naka Katerina K , Bechlioulis Aris , Makriyiannis Dimitrios , Papadakis Marios , Tsatsoulis Agathocles , Michalis Lampros K , Tigas Stelios

Objective: Clinical trials aiming at strict glycemic control in high-risk patients with type 2 diabetes (T2DM) failed to show reduction in the incidence of cardiovascular events. The exact mechanisms remain unclear. We aimed to investigate the effect of intensive antidiabetic therapy on vascular indices of T2DM patients.Methods: We studied 62 T2DM patients [mean age 64 years, 52% males, mean T2DM duration 14 years) with poor glycemic control (HbA1c &#880...

ea0067o59 | Oral Presentations | EYES2019

Reduced insulin clearance relates to increased liver fat content in recent-onset type 2 diabetes and to impaired glucose control in recent-onset type 1 diabetes

Antoniou Sofia , Zaharia Oana P , Bobrov Pavel , Strassburger Klaus , Karusheva Yanislava , Bodis Kalman , Kupriyanova Yuliya , Burkart Volker , Hwang Jong-Hee , Mussig Karsten , Gastaldelli Amalia , Roden Michael , Szendroedi Julia

Objective: Insulin clearance can be lower in longstanding insulin-resistant states, whereas hepatic insulin kinetics are not yet clear in newly diagnosed diabetes mellitus.Methods: Volunteers with type 1 (T1D; n=276, 66% male) or type 2 diabetes (T2D; n=451, 69%) and glucose-tolerant humans (CON; n=143, 65%) underwent hyperinsulinemic-euglycemic clamps to assess whole-body insulin sensitivity (M-value) and whole-body insulin cl...