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ea0084op-12-63 | Oral Session 12: Nodules and Diagnostic | ETA2022

Real-world performance of a novel dual-component molecular assay in cytologically indeterminate thyroid nodules: a single institutional experience

Sponziello Marialuisa , Grani Giorgio , Verrienti Antonella , Pecce Valeria , Del Gatto Valeria , Bosco Daniela , Ascoli Valeria , Filetti Sebastiano , Durante Cosimo

Objective: We developed a novel dual-component molecular assay as an ancillary method to improve clinical decision-making in patients with cytologically indeterminate thyroid nodules. The assay includes next-generation sequencing (NGS) based detection of mutations in 23 thyroid cancer related genes and digital polymerase chain reaction (dPCR) evaluation of the expression levels of a microRNA strongly associated with thyroid cancer. The method was designed as a “rule-out&#...

ea0063gp258 | Thyroid Nodules and Cancer 2 | ECE2019

Predictors of malignancy in thyroid FNA classified as high-risk indeterminate lesions (TIR3B): combining ultrasonographic and cytology features

Cozzolino Alessia , Pozza Carlotta , Faggiano Antongiulio , Pofi Riccardo , Ascoli Valeria , Di Gioia Cira , Bosco Daniela , Lenzi Andrea , Isidori Andrea M , Giannetta Elisa , Gianfrilli Daniele

Introduction: The new Italian cytological classification of thyroid nodules published in 2014 has replaced the TIR3 ‘indeterminate’ category into two subcategory with different risk of thyroid cancer (TC): TIR3A, low-risk indeterminate lesion and TIR3B, high-risk indeterminate lesion. The aim of our study was to describe the incidence of TIR3B in a large prospective cohort of patients, the risk of TC, and its correlation with anamnestic, ultrasonographic (US) and cyt...