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ea0090p412 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2023

Copeptin levels increase in response to both insulin-induced hypoglycemia and arginine but not to clonidine – data from GH-stimulation tests

Stankovic Jelena , Kristensen Kurt , Birkebaek Niels , Otto Jorgensen Jens , Sondergaard Esben

Background: The differential diagnosis of the polyuria-polydipsia syndrome is challenging. The water-deprivation test is the current gold standard, but the test is cumbersome, and the diagnostic performance is poor. Copeptin, which is a split product of the vasopressin pre-propeptide, appears to be a robust biomarker in the circulation and a promising tool for the diagnosis of patients with polyuria and polydipsia, especially when measured in conjunction with intravenous infus...

ea0078p1 | Adrenal | BSPED2021

Analysis of therapy monitoring in the International Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Registry

Lawrence Neil , Bacila Irina , Dawson Jeremy , Bryce Jillian , van den Akker Erica , Sartori Sanchez Bachega Tania Aparecida , Baronio Federico , Birkebaek Niels Holtum , Bonfig Walter , Claahsen Hedi , Correa Costa Eduardo , Devries Liat , Elsedfy Heba , Guven Ayla , Hannema Sabine , Iotova Violeta , van der Kamp Hetty J , Clemente Leon Maria , Lichiardopol Corina Raducanu , Milenkovic Tatjana , Neumann Uta , Nordenstrom Ana , Poyrazoglu Sukran , Probst-Scheidegger Ursina , De Sanctis Luisa , Thankamony Ajay , Vieites Ana , Yavas Zehra , Ahmed Faisal , Krone Nils

Background: Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) requires exogenous steroid replacement and can be monitored with 17-OH Progesterone and Androstenedione. We reviewed real world data to evaluate these markers in relation to hydrocortisone dose in patients treated in 21 centres throughout 14 countries.Method: Retrospective cohort study using pseudonymised data from patients with 21α-Hydroxylase Deficiency recorded in the International Congenital Adren...

ea0090oc5.2 | Oral Communications 5: Adrenal and Cardiovascular Endocrinology 1 | ECE2023

The association between hormonal control during infancy and testicular adrenal rest tumor development in males with congenital adrenal hyperplasia

Schroder Mariska , Neacşu Mihaela , Sweep Fred , Span Paul N , Adriaansen Bas , van Herwaarden Antonius , Bryce Jillian , Ahmed Faisal , Ali Salma , Aparecida Sartori Sanchez Bachega Tania , Baronio Federico , Holtum Birkebaek Niels , Bonfig Walter , Clemente Maria , Cools Martine , de Bruin Christiaan , de Vries Liat , Elsedfy Heba , Globa Evgenia , Guran Tulay , Guven Ayla , Amr Nermine Hussein , Januś Dominika , Konrad Daniel , Markosyan Renata , Miranda Mirela , Poyrazoğlu Şukran , Rees Aled , Salerno Mariacarolina , Stancampiano Marianna Rita , Vieitis Ana , Abali Zehra Yavas , - van der Grinten Hedi Claahsen

Background: Testicular Adrenal Rest Tumors (TART) in patients with congenital adrenal hyperplasia due to 21-hydroxylase deficiency (21OHD) or 11-hydroxylase deficiency (11OHD) are benign lesions causing testicular damage and infertility. We hypothesize that high ACTH exposure due to poor hormonal control during early life is promoting development of TART later in life.Objective: This study aims to examine the relation between early CAH diagnosis and cons...

ea0066oc1.1 | Oral Communications 1 | BSPED2019

Exploring trends in the glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid treatment of congenital adrenal hyperplasia by analysing data from the I-CAH registry

Bacila Irina-Alexandra , Blankenstein Oliver , Neumann Uta , Grinten Heidi L Claahsen-van der , Krone Ruth , Bachega Tania SS , Miranda Mirela C , Mendonca Berenice , Birkebaek Niels H , Cools Martine , Milenkovic Tatjana , Bonfig Walter , Tomlinson Jeremy W , Elsedfy Heba , Balsamo Antonio , Ortolano Rita , Hannema Sabine , Higham Claire , Atapattu Navoda , Lichiardopol Corina , Guran Tulay , Abali Zehra , Mohnike Klaus , Finken Martijn JJ , Vieites Ana , Darendeliler Feyza , Guven Ayla , Korbonits Marta , Vries Liat de , Costa Eduardo , Einaudi Silvia , Kamp Hetty van der , Iotova Violeta , Ross Richard , Ahmed S Faisal , Krone Nils

Introduction: There is no unified approach in clinical practice regarding the medical management of congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH), despite existent international guidance. We aimed to explore geographical and temporal variations in the treatment with glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids of patients with CAH.Methods: We collected data recorded by 33 centres from 16 countries in the I-CAH Registry. We analysed patient visits between 1982 and 2018,...

ea0094p161 | Adrenal and Cardiovascular | SFEBES2023

An international study of the association between local health care resources and acute adrenal insufficiency events in children with congenital adrenal hyperplasia

Tseretopoulou Xanthippi , R Ali Salma , Bryce Jillian , Nadia Amin , Atapattu Navoda , Bachega Tania , Baronio Federico , H Birkebaek Niels , Bonfig Walter , Claahsen-Van der Grinten L. Hedi , Cools Martine , de Sanctis Luisa , de Vries Liat , Elsedfy Heba , E Flueck Christa , Fu Antony , Guaragna-Filho Guilherme , Guran Tulay , Guven Ayla , E Hannema Sabine , Iotova Violeta , Konrad Daniel , Lenherr-Taube Nina , Korbonits Marta , P Krone Nils , Krone Ruth , Leka-Emiris Sofia , Lichiardopol R Corina , Luczay Andrea , L Markosyan Renata , Mazen Inas , Milenkovic Tatjana , Mohnike Klaus , Neumann Uta , Niedzela Marek , Nordenstrom Anna , Phan-Hug Franziska , Poyrazoglu Sukran , Probst Ursina , Randell Tabitha , Vieites Ana , Russo Gianni , Thankamony Ajay , van den Akker Erica , van Eck Judith , van der Kamp Hetty , G Wasniewska Malgorzata , Ahmed Syed Faisal

Background: The reported occurrence and management of acute adrenal insufficiency–related adverse events in children vary widely between centres and may depend on available resources.Methods: Real world data from the I-CAH Registry from 44 centres [32 from high income (HIC) and 12 from low/middle income (LMIC) countries] and a total number of 607 children were linked to the results of a health care survey of local r...