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ea0090ep1100 | Late Breaking | ECE2023

Diabetes mellitus secondary to BRCA2 gene mutation: the importance of insulin resistance and genetics in dysglycemia

Lopes Valentim , Brito Patricia , Machado Catarina , De Sousa Lages Adriana

Introduction: Diabetes mellitus (DM) results from a defect in insulin secretion and/or its action. The Breast-Cancer Susceptibility Gene 2 (BRCA2), like BRCA1, is a tumour suppressor gene, and its mutation is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer and, in males, testicular cancer. In patients with the BRCA1/2 mutation, the level of Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF)-1 and, consequently, the peripheral sensitivity to insulin are reduced, suggesting that this ...

ea0092ps1-01-04 | Cancer | ETA2023

Papillary thyroid carcinoma from a thyroglossal duct cyst: a rare association

Lopes Valentim , Brito Patricia , Lages Adriana , Maciel Joana , Pereira Ricardo , Machado Catarina

Introduction: Thyroglossal duct cysts (TDC) are a very frequent congenital neck mass and are mostly benign. Papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC) originating from a TDC represents an infrequent finding. Usually, the diagnosis is only made postoperatively after cyst’s excision.Case report: A 38-years old female patient was referred to the Endocrinology department due to Graves’ disease. She had been treated with antithyroid drugs for 18 months witho...