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ea0041gp137 | Obesity | ECE2016

Adipose tissue infiltration in normal-weight subjects and its impact on metabolic function

Moreno-Indias Isabel , Oliva-Olivera Wilfredo , Castellano-Castillo Daniel , Lhamyani Said , Fernandez-Garcia Jose Carlos , Queipo-Ortuno Maria Isabel , Cardona-Diaz Fernando , Tinahones Francisco

Objectives: To study for the first time the differences in monocyte/macrophage infiltration, inflammation and adipogenesis in the subcutaneous and visceral adipose tissues of normal-weight subjects who differed in their degree of metabolic syndrome.Methods: The study included 92 normal-weight subjects who differed in their degree of metabolic syndrome. Anthropometric and biochemical parameters were measured. RNA from subcutaneous and visceral adipose tis...

ea0041ep557 | Diabetes therapy | ECE2016

Randomized clinical trial to compare the effects of glargine multidosis versus CSII therapy on metabolic and oxidative stress parameters in people with type 1 diabetes

de Adana Navas M Soledad Ruiz , Dominguez-Lopez Marta , Rubio Eleazara , Rodriguez Natalia Colomo , Cardona Isabel , Tapia M Jose , Morillas Virgina , Gonzlez Inmaculada , Rojo Gemma

Aims: There are few data comparing oxidative stress markers in CSII versus MDI/G We compared after randomization CSII (Continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion) vs MDI/G therapy (multiple doses of insulin with glargine) in DM1 people previously optimized at MDI/G being the primary objective assessment of metabolic control and oxidative stress.Assess oxidative stress and metabolic control in patients with type 1 diabetes (T1D) after randomization in CSII ...