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ea0020p19 | Adrenal | ECE2009

Adipokine levels in patients with adrenal incidentaloma

Iorio Laura , Morelli Valentina , Coletti Francesca , Della Casa Sonia , Arosio Maura , Corsi Massimiliano , Chiodini Iacopo , Ambrosi Bruno

Patients (pts) with adrenal incidentaloma (AI) may show an increased incidence of several cardiovascular risk factors, as obesity, hypertension, diabetes mellitus and dyslipidemia. As previous data suggested that the increased cardiovascular risk in these pts could be in part mediated by alterations of adipokines, this study was aimed to evaluate plasma IL-6, resistin, CT-1 levels in a wide series of pts with AI.Ninety-three pts (42 males; 51 females; ag...

ea0016p456 | Neuroendocrinology | ECE2008

Use of videocapsule endoscopy (VCE) for the detection of small bowel tumors in patients with acromegaly

Coletti Francesca , Lucia Ronchi Cristina , Montefusco Laura , Fesce Edoardo , Ogliari Cristina , Ferrante Emanuele , Epaminonda Paolo , Dolci Alessia , Adda Guido , Beck-Peccoz Paolo , Arosio Maura

A high risk for small bowel (SB) tumors in acromegalic population has been reported in a cohort study (Baris D, 2002). SB lesions may be easily investigated by the recently developed videocapsule endoscopy (VCE). Aim of the study was to assess the prevalence of SB neoplasms by VCE in 14 acromegalic patients (Ac) in respect to 30 sex and age-matched control subjects and to correlate it with cancer risk factors and acromegaly-related parameters. Local Ethical committee approved ...

ea0016p461 | Neuroendocrinology | ECE2008

d3-growth hormone receptor polymorphism (d3-GHR) is associated with low BMI and better glucose metabolism in acromegaly

Arosio Maura , Filopanti Marcello , Montefusco Laura , Olgiati Luca , Lucia Ronchi Cristina , Losa Marco , La Porta Carmen , Coletti Francesca , Lania Andrea , Beck-Peccoz Paolo , Spada Anna

Background: The d3-growth hormone receptor (GHR) polymorphism is a common variant characterized by genomic deletion of exon 3 (d3) of the GHR gene. It could be linked to a better growth response to GH, but the findings are controversial. Due to the lack of IGF-I feedback on the tumoral GH secretion, acromegaly seems to be a good model to study functional characteristics of this polymorphism. Aim of the study was to investigate possible influences of d3-GHR on GH and IGF-I rela...

ea0022p7 | Adrenal | ECE2010

Beneficial metabolic effects of surgical treatment in patients with an adrenal incidentaloma causing subclinical hypercortisolism

Chiodini Iacopo , Morelli Valentina , Salcuni Antonio Stefano , Vainicher Cristina Eller , Torlontano Massimo , Coletti Francesca , Iorio Laura , Cuttitta Antonello , Ambrosio Angelo , Vicentini Leonardo , Pellegrini Fabio , Copetti Massimiliano , Beck-Peccoz Paolo , Arosio Maura , Ambrosi Bruno , Trischitta Vincenzo , Scillitani Alfredo

Objective: In patients with adrenal incidentalomas (AI) the metabolic effect of the recovery of subclinical hypercortisolism (SH) is debated. The aim of this study was to determine the effect of the surgical and conservative approaches on the metabolic syndrome in AI patients with and without SH.Patients: One hundred and eight AI patients were studied; SH was diagnosed in the presence of >2 out of: urinary free cortisol >70 μg/24 h (193 nmol...

ea0022p21 | Adrenal | ECE2010

Subclinical hypercortisolism: correlation between biochemical diagnostic criteria and clinical aspects

Morelli Valentina , Masserini Benedetta , Salcuni Antonio Stefano , Eller-Vainicher Cristina , Savoca Chiara , Viti Raffaella , Coletti Francesca , Guglielmi Giuseppe , Battista Claudia , Iorio Laura , Beck-Peccoz Paolo , Ambosi Bruno , Arosio Maura , Scillitani Alfredo , Chiodini Iacopo

Objective: Subclinical hypercortisolism (SH) has been associated with increased prevalence of hypertension, type 2 diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia, central obesity, osteoporosis and vertebral fractures. We aimed to investigate the accuracy of different SH diagnostic criteria in predicting the concomitant presence of these complications.Patiets: In this retrospective study we evaluated data of 231 patients (120 females and 111 males) affected with adrenal...