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ea0029p799 | Endocrine tumours and neoplasia | ICEECE2012

Neuroendocrine Tumor with Clinical Characteristics of Insulinoma

Menezes J. , Rodrigues E. , Nogueira C. , Esteves C. , Jorge G. , Matos M. , Graca L. , Pinheiro J. , Pinheiro Loureiro , Lopes J. , Costa J. , Costa Maia , Carvalho D.

Introduction: Insulinomas are almost always located in the pancreas and are usually small. The peak incidence is from the third to fifth decade of life, with females being slightly more frequently affected. The average duration of neuroglycopenic symptoms prior to diagnosis is often prolonged, being more than 5 years in 20% of patients.Case presentation: Female, 52 years old, medical history notable for hypertension, dislipidemia and Graves disease. She ...

ea0049gp234 | Thyroid Cancer | ECE2017

Lobectomy as a treatment option for well differentiated thyroid cancer (WDTC) between 1–4 cm: which results should we expect?

Fareleira Ana , Ferreira Patricia Andrea , Lima L Matos , Maia J Costa

Introduction: The ATA guidelines 2015 suggests lobectomy as an option for low risk thyroid tumors between 1–4 cm, although there remains some controversy once some characteristics become apparent only on pathologic examination.Objective/methods: Retrospective analysis of patients who underwent thyroid surgery in 2014 and 2015, with a histologic diagnosis of WDTC 1–4 cm in size and revision of the proportion of patients eligible for lobectomy wi...

ea0029p1624 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ICEECE2012

Hyperthyroidism in patients with acute atrial fibrillation attended at an emergency room

Moreno C. , Esperto H. , Silva N. , Fonseca I. , Ruas L. , Vieira A. , Alves M. , Sofia G. , Saraiva J. , Nascimento Costa J. , Carvalheiro M.

Introduction: Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most common cardiac complication of hyperthyroidism, with significant mortality and morbidity resulting from embolic events. In patients who attend at an emergency room (ER) with acute AF, the thyroid hormones aren’t usually evaluated given the low prevalence of hyperthyroidism in the general population.Aims: To assess the prevalence of thyroid dysfunction in adult patients who presented at an ER with ac...