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ea0029p1430 | Pituitary Clinical | ICEECE2012

Bone turnover in patients with active acromegaly in relation to glucose metabolism

Pekic Djurdjevic S. , Miljic D. , Stojanovic M. , Doknic M. , Jeremic V. , Jovanovic M. , Popovic V.

Objective: There is a complex cross-talk between bone and glucose metabolism. The surrogate markers of bone metabolism are osteocalcin (for bone formation) and CTx (for bone resorption). The osteoblast-derived protein osteocalcin has recently been shown to affect glucose homeostasis.Aim of the study: To investigate the relationship between markers of bone metabolism and parameters reflecting bone composition, glucose homeostasis and insulin resistance in...

ea0011p304 | Diabetes, metabolism and cardiovascular | ECE2006

Serum ghrelin levels during oral glucose challenge – new insights from gastrectomized patients

Miljic D , Pekic S , Pesko P , Djurovic M , Doknic M , Glodic J , Dieguez C , Casanueva FF , Popovic V

Ghrelin is gastric peptide with appetite stimulating and growth hormone (GH) releasing properties. Circulating ghrelin levels decrease after nutrient ingestion, oral and iv glucose challenge. It has been hypothesized that vagal system may have a major role in initiating this decrease.The aim of this study was to investigate circulating ghrelin levels during oral glucose challenge in gastrectomized (GASTRX)- vagotomized patients. The study was approved by...

ea0026p95 | Female reproduction | ECE2011

Kisspeptin: new marker of placental dysfunction?

Miljic D , Cetkovic A , Ljubic A , Miljic P , Djurovic M , Doknic M , Pekic S , Stojanovic M , Patterson M , Ghatei M , Bloom S , Popovic V

Kisspeptin produced by placenta is involved in the regulation of early placental development. Aberrant placental development and placental dysfunction are common in pregnancies with diabetes and hypertension. Parameters of fetal growth, feto-placental circulation, pregnancy outcome, placental weight and morphology were recorded and correlated with kisspeptin levels in pregnant women with diabetes (chronic insulin dependent-IDDM and gestational-GD) and hypertension (chronic-H, ...

ea0011p610 | Neuroendocrinology and behaviour | ECE2006

Psychological and gastrointestinal problems in anorexia nervosa patients

Djurovic M , Popovic D , Pekic S , Jovanovic I , Lapcevic B , Petakov M , Zivkovic V , Stojanovic M , Doknic M , Casanueva FF , Diguez C , Popovic V

Anorexia nervosa (AN) is a product of complex interactions between physiological and psychological processes. Nausea, gastric pain and fullness are common features of AN patients. The aim of the study was to investigate the effects of therapy and psychological conditions on body weight restoration in patients with AN. In 21 AN patients (age 22.4±0.7 yrs) with gastric problems at low weight (BMI 15.9±2.3 kg/m2). oesophagogastroduodenoscopy with gastric biop...

ea0008p20 | Cytokines and growth factors | SFE2004

Low circulating ghrelin levels in gastrectomized patients do not affect the growth hormone response to insulin induced hypoglycemia

Miljic D , Pekic S , Pesko P , Djurovic M , Doknic M , Petakov M , Damjanovic S , Micic D , Cvijovic G , Diguez C , Casanueva FF , Popovic V

Ghrelin is a potent growth hormone (GH) secretagogue in rats and in humans. Since stomach is the main source of circulating ghrelin, gastrectomy reduces plasma ghrelin concentrations by 65%. The implications of decreased circulating ghrelin on GH secretion have not yet been investigated. Furthermore, the neuroendocrine pathways through which ghrelin acts to release GH are largely unknown. We aimed to investigate GH response after insulin induced hypoglycemia (ITT) and after sy...

ea0029p1429 | Pituitary Clinical | ICEECE2012

Synergistic effects of combined stimulation with CRH+ghrelin on ACTH and cortisol responses in patients with Cushing’s disease: a pilot study

Miljic D. , Doknic M. , Pekic S. , Stojanovic M. , Damjanovic S. , Popovic V.

Background: Several stimulatory tests for differential diagnosis of ACTH dependent CushingÂ’s syndrome are avilable, CRH being the most valuable test in patients with CushingÂ’s disease (CD). Exaggerated responses to ghrelin have also been shown in patients with CD mainly due to overexpression of GHS receptors on corticotrope tumor cells. However, the effects of combined stimulation with CRH+ghrelin on ACTH and cortisol secretion have not been tested before in these pa...

ea0026p46 | Endocrine disruptors | ECE2011

Bone remodeling parameters and bone mass in patients with schizophrenia treated with long-acting injectable risperidone

Doknic M , Bojovic N Maric , Pekic S , Britvic D , Damjanovic A , Gasic M Jasovic , Popovic V

Introduction: Studies suggest that schizophrenia and prolactin raising antipsychotics, one of them being risperidone, may be associated with low bone mass. On the other hand, weight gain as a consequence of antipsychotics in these patients may be the protective factor against osteoporosis.Objective: Determine bone remodeling parameters and bone mass in patients with schizophrenia treated with long-acting injectable risperidone (LAIR) under naturalistic c...

ea0026p173 | Neuroendocrinology | ECE2011

Glucose homeostasis in GH deficient adults not treated with GH: more than 10 year follow-up

Djurdjevic S Pekic , Doknic M , Stojanovic M , Miljic D , Djurovic M , Stojanoska M Medic , Popovic V

Study objective: We investigated prevalence of impaired glucose homeostasis in a large cohort of adult patients with GH deficiency (GHD), not treated with GH after more than 10 years of follow-up.Design: Seventy-one adult GHD patients (30 males, 41 females; mean age 48.3±2.0 years, mean BMI 28.8±0.7 kg/m2, GH deficient for 10.2±1.2 years) were evaluated. Ninety percent of patients had multiple pituitary hormone deficiencies whic...

ea0010oc21 | Young Endocrinologist session | SFE2005

Neuroendocrine response to ghrelin in patients with anorexianervosa (AN)

Miljic D , Pekic S , #Djurovic|# , Doknic M , Milic N , Casanueva F , Ghatei|V##Popovic M

Ghrelin stimulates growth hormone (GH), prolactin (PRL) and cortisol release in rodents and healthy humans.Aim: to determine the effects of ghrelin on neuroendocrine response in patients with AN in this cross-sectional hospital based study, approved by the Local Ethical Committee. Twenty-five young women were studied: AN with very low body weight (BMI 12.0±0.4 kg/m2), partially recovered AN (PRAN 17.2±1.3 kg/m2) and consti...

ea0007p121 | Endocrine tumours and neoplasia | BES2004

Discrepancies between current consensus criteria for cure after transsphenoidal surgery for acromegaly

Petakov M , Djurovic M , Miljic D , Doknic M , Pekic S , Popovic V , Damjanovic S

The short-term results of transsphenoidal surgery as initial treatment for acromegaly were analyzed according to consensus defining the criteria for cure of acromegaly.Thirty nine newly diagnosed patients with acromegaly (20 females and 19 males, mean age 46.9 plus/minus 1.4 years, range 29-66 yrs), underwent transsphenoidal pituitary adenomectomy by the same neursurgeon. Patients have been assessed postoperatively at 8 weeks (GH after 75 g oral glucose ...