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ea0029oc17.2 | Diabetes Basic | ICEECE2012

Placental restriction co-ordinately alters hepatic expression of microRNAs and targets related to non alcoholic fatty liver disease, in adult male sheep

Harryanto H. , De Blasio M. , Grant P. , Gatford K. , Owens J.

Placental restriction (PR) of fetal growth impairs insulin action and metabolic control in postnatal life. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are important post-transcriptional regulators, down regulating mRNA abundance or translation. We therefore determined if PR in the sheep alters miR expression in liver, skeletal muscle and adipose tissue of adult offspring and if this associates with altered abundance of their predicted molecular targets.PR was induced by pre-preg...

ea0019p282 | Reproduction | SFEBES2009

Clot structure and fibrinolysis in individuals with polycystic ovary syndrome: the effects of metformin, orlistat and pioglitazone treatment

Ajjan R , Chow L , Scott E , Carter A , Phoenix F , Grant P , Atkin S

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which affects 7% of the female population, is associated with established cardiovascular risk factors including obesity, dyslipidaemia and insulin resistance. Thrombus formation represents the final step in the atherothrombotic process and clot structure has been shown to predict the predisposition to cardiovascular events. The aim of the present work was to assess the effects of commonly used therapeutic agents on clot structure and fibrinoly...

ea0019p140 | Diabetes, Metabolism and Cardiovascular | SFEBES2009

Heterozygous knockout of the insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor in mice leads to impaired glucose tolerance, enhanced insulin sensitivity and increased endothelial basal nitric oxide production

Abbas A , Imrie H , Viswambharan H , Rajwani A , Kahn M , Cubbon R , Gage M , Wheatcroft S , Grant P , Kearney M

Introduction: Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), acting via similar signalling pathways to insulin, enhances glucose uptake and nitric oxide (NO) production. Observational studies suggest a role for (IGF-1) in insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease. To investigate this further we used a murine model with heterozygous knockout of the IGF-1 receptor.Methods: Metabolic tolerance tests were performed in vivo on unanaesthetised mice, heterozy...