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ea0035p955 | Steroid metabolism and action | ECE2014

Testosterone supplementation and sexual function: a meta-analysis study

Corona Giovanni , Isidori Andrea M , Buvat Jaques , Aversa Antonio , Ratrelli Giulia , Hackett Geoff , Rochira Vincenzo , Lenzi Andrea , Maggi Mario

Introduction: The role of testosterone supplementation (TS) as a possible treatment for male sexual dysfunction remains questionable. The aim of the present study is to meta-analyse data evaluating the effects of TS on male sexual function and its therapeutic synergism with the use of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5i).Methods: An extensive Medline Embase and Cochrane search was performed including the following words: ‘testosterone’, ‘erect...

ea0065p190 | Metabolism and Obesity | SFEBES2019

Androgen receptor reduced sensitivity is associated with increased mortality, poor glycemic control and BMI in men with type 2 diabetes – a 14-year follow up study

Heald Adrian , Yadegarfar Ghasem , Livingston Mark , Fachim Helene , Lunt Mark , Narayanan Ram Prakash , Siddals Kirk , Cortes Gabriela , Hackett Geoff , Naseem Asma , Kochhar Rupinder , Inamullah Khan , Donn Rachelle , Gibson Martin , Jones Hugh

Introduction: Hypogonadism is associated with poorer glycaemic outcomes/increased all cause and cardiovascular morbidity/mortality in type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Increasing CAG repeat number within exon 1 of the androgen receptor gene is associated with increased androgen receptor resistance/insulin resistance. We here investigated the link between CAG repeat number and outcomes in T2DM men.Methods: We determined in a long-term 14-year follow-up coh...