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ea0081ep844 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2022

Cushing’s disease in a 14 year old child: A real diagnostic and therapeutic challenge

Souleima Trigui , Najoua Lassoued , Houcem Mrabet , Fedia Boubaker , Wafa Alaya , Hbib Sfar Mohamed

Introduction: CushingÂ’s disease (CD) is a rare but serious pathology in children and adolescents. It differs from adult pathology by the mode of presentation and management. We report a case of CD in a 14-year-old child whose diagnosis was confirmed only after 2 years.Observation: This was a 14-year-old female patient with a family history of consanguineous marriage and personal history of nephrotic syndrome who presented with delayed stature, delay...

ea0049ep1238 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ECE2017

Congenital hypothyroidism in children with down syndrome

Lassoued Najoua , Ouannes Salmane , Ghanmi Sobhi , Hammouda Hachmi Ben , Soua Hbib , Sfar Mohamed Taher

Introduction: Congenital hypothyroidism is 30 times more frequent in newborns with Down syndrome (DS) than in the population of healthy children. Mild isolated TSH elevation with normal thyroxine (T4) levels is the most commonly seen pattern of thyroid dysfunction in these children.Patients and methods: A retrospective study was carried out on eleven patients with DS in the pediatric department of Mahdia who were followed for congenital hypothyroidism.</...

ea0090ep241 | Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition | ECE2023

Infection among type 2 diabetic hospitalized patients: A 4 year retrospective study

Souleima Trigui , Fadia Boubaker , Mrabet Houcem Elomma , Oumeyma Trimech , Lassoued Najoua , Baha Zantour , Wafa Alaya , Hbib Sfar Mohamed

Background and Aims: Acute and chronic infectious diseases appear to be more prevalent among patients having diabetes mellitus. Infections associated with diabetes could be particularly serious increasing morbimortality and treatment costs. Diabetic patientsÂ’ predisposition to infections could be explained by the hyperglycemic environment impairing immune function. Other factors my contribute such as degenerative complications, for example autonomic neuropathy could decre...