Searchable abstracts of presentations at key conferences in endocrinology

ea0021p373 | Thyroid | SFEBES2009

Audit on fine needle aspiration of thyroid

Thulasidass Kumar , Hyatt Penny

Aim: To audit if fine needle aspiration of thyroid nodules are done as per the Royal College of Physicians Guidelines.Methods: We selected a list of 25 patients who had FNA of throid nodule over a 6 months period between July 2008 and December 2008 and analysed if the procedure had been done in accordance with current Royal College of Physicians guidelines for FNA Thyroid.Results:1. None of the cytopathology ...

ea0044ep102 | (1) | SFEBES2016

Thyrotoxic periodic paralysis in a Nigerian male

Vogazianou Artemis , O'Shea Triona , Hyatt Penny , Nethaji Chidambaram , Garg Anukul

Introduction: Periodic paralysis is a rare condition characterized by muscle weakness in the presence of triggers including cold, heat, high carbohydrate meals or physical activity. It is classically described in the presence of profound hypokalaemia; when this occurs in conjunction with thyrotoxicosis it is termed thyrotoxic periodic paralysis.Case history: A 30-year old Nigerian man presented with a 3 h history of inability to move, on a background of ...

ea0019p20 | Bone | SFEBES2009

A case of severe hyperparathyroidism with brown tumour and vitamin D deficiency- treated as simple bone cyst

Suresh Damodharan , Nethaji Chithambaram , Hyatt Penny , Halliday Neil

Brown tumour is a fibrous tissue mass containing hemosiderin-pigmented macrophages/ multinucleated giant cells, replacing/expanding part of bone in primary hyperparathyroidism. We present a case with brown tumour who was treated as simple bone cyst.A 22-year-old lady presented to rheumatology with pain in arms and legs. Investigations revealed severe vitamin D/B12/folate/iron deficiency with positive IgA. Gliadin antibodies and duodenal biopsy confirmed ...

ea0021p223 | Endocrine tumours and neoplasia | SFEBES2009

Open or laparoscopic surgery for phaeochromocytoma

Ezzat Tarek , Skipworth James , Raptis Dimitris , Conway Gerard , Baldweg Stefie , Bomanji Jamshed , Bouloux Pierre , Rolles Keith , Khoo Bernard , Hyatt Penny , Rossi Michaela , Barnard Maria , Anthony Karen , Stojanovic Nemanja , Cohen Mark , Katz Jonathan , Baynes Christopher , Russel Sabina , Ahlquist James , Kurzawinski Tom

Background: Surgical resection is the treatment of choice for phaeochromocytomas. Introduction of laparoscopic adrenalectomy (LA) led to a reduction in the number of open adrenalectomies (OA); however, there is limited information comparing the two techniques.Objectives: We report here a comparison of LA and OA operations for phaeochromocytoma performed over 20 years.Methods: We performed a retrospective review of all patients unde...