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ea0081p213 | Thyroid | ECE2022

Tuberculosis and myxedema coma − clinical case

Saraiva Miguel , Maia Ariana , Assuncao Guilherme , Amaral Claudia , Freitas Claudia , Couto de Carvalho Andre

Introduction: Myxedema coma is the ultimate stage of severe long-standing hypothyroidism, representing a true endocrinological emergency. Many precipitating factors have been identified, including the initiation of certain drugs.Case report: An 89-year-old woman was admitted to our emergency department due to an inaugural seizure. There was a history of progressive functional deterioration in the last 7 weeks, short after being diagnosed with lymph node ...

ea0090ep206 | Calcium and Bone | ECE2023

Severe PTH-dependent Hypercalcemia Secondary to Atypical Parathyroid Adenoma

Maia Ariana , Fonseca Liliana , Viveiros Ana Luisa , Neves Joao , Cardoso Helena

Introduction: Hypercalcemia is not uncommon in clinical practice and may present as a life-threatening emergency. Its main aetiologies are primary hyperparathyroidism (80% parathyroid adenomas; 20% multiglandular hyperplasia, <1% parathyroid carcinomas) and hypercalcemia of malignancy, with or without presence of bone metastases.Case Report: We present a case of a 77 years-old male, submitted to a subtotal gastrectomy at the age of 73 due to a perfor...

ea0090ep323 | Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition | ECE2023

Programmed cell death-1 inhibitor-induced Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus – an interesting case presenting with diabetic ketoacidosis

Maia Ariana , Rodrigues Catarina Cidade , Soares Daniela , Monteiro Silvia Santos , Pereira Maria Teresa , Amaral Claudia , Cardoso Maria Helena

Introduction: Immunotherapy has demonstrated a key role in the current individualized treatment of multiple neoplasms, with adverse events related to the endocrine. Thyroid dysfunction is the most frequent reported endocrine event during treatment with pembrolizumab, being autoimmune diabetes an extremely rare adverse effect.Case Report: We present a case of a 72-year-old man with a progressing urothelial bladder carcinoma (stage IIIB), under treatment w...

ea0090ep1123 | Late Breaking | ECE2023

Trends in Prescription of Anti-Diabetic Drugs and Metabolic Control in Type 2 Diabetes: 2015/2016 vs. 2020/2021

Soares Daniela , Palma Isabel , Helena Neto Maria , Fraga Mariana , Pereira Joel , Guimaraes Rosa , Helena Cardoso Maria , Maia Ariana , Ferreira Lia

Introduction: The development of new pharmacological classes for type 2 diabetes (T2D) treatment with extra-glycaemic benefits has led to the update of the treatment algorithm, presenting new effective alternatives to patientsÂ’ insulinization. The present study aims to evaluate the evolution of prescription and its impact in metabolic control of patients enrolled on an educational diabetes program of a tertiary hospital.Objectives: To evaluate trend...

ea0081p316 | Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition | ECE2022

Simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplantation: long-term survival and metabolic profile analysis among functioning pancreatic graft patients – A 20 year experience from a center in Portugal

Maia Ariana , Saraiva Miguel , Sala Ines , Soares Daniela , Borges Soares Diana , Monteiro Silvia , Vilaverde Joana , Ferreira Lia , Martins La Salete , Dores Jorge

Introduction: Simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplantation (SPKT) is the treatment of choice for type 1 diabetic patients with advanced kidney chronic disease (CKD), restoring normoglycemia, insulin independence and improving survival. The present study aims to analyse survival of patients undergoing SPKT and the post-SPKT metabolic profile of patients with a functioning pancreatic graft.Methods: Retrospective observational study. T1DM patients with CKD ...