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ea0059p109 | Diabetes & cardiovascular | SFEBES2018

Activation of the adhesion GPCR GPR56 by a synthetic tethered agonist improvesislet β-cell function

Olaniru Oladapo Edward , Atanes Patricio , Persaud Shanta

GPR56 is an adhesion G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR), which we have shown to be the most abundant GPCR in mouse and human islets. The extracellular N-terminal domain of adhesion GPCRs contains a tethered agonist, buried within the GPCR autoproteolysis-inducing domain. Synthetic peptides mimicking tethered agonist sequences can activate a variety of adhesion GPCRs including GPR56. Here we investigated the effect of a GPR56 tethered agonist peptide, P7, on β-cell function...

ea0065p234 | Metabolism and Obesity | SFEBES2019

Adhesion G-protein coupled receptors as novel players in islet development

Olaniru Oladapo Edward , Atanes Patricio , Toczyska Klaudia , Piao Xianhua , Persaud Shanta

Adhesion GPCRs (aGPCRs) have been implicated in developmental processes and deletion of some aGPCRs in neonatal mice results in decreased β-cell differentiation capacity, leading to glucose intolerance in adult life. Here, we investigated the expression of aGPCR mRNAs in mouse islets and determined the expression and function of GPR56, the most abundant aGPCR in islets, in developing mouse pancreas. Quantitative PCR indicated that mouse islets expressed mRNAs encoding 26 ...