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ea0084op-07-33 | Oral Session 7: Thyroid Cancer Basic | ETA2022

HüRthle cell tumors vs oncocytic variants of the follicular cell derived thyroid tumours: a comprehensive analysis based in transcriptome, proteome and cnv profiling

Canberk Sule , ferreira marta , Oliveira Carla , reis joana , barros rita , pereira luisa , osorio hugo , Rios Elisabete , Soares Paula , Maximo Valdemar

Objectives: Hürthle cell (oncocytic) lesions can be metaplastic or neoplastic events. The neoplastic entities -formerly, oncocytic variant of follicular tumours; Hürthle cell neoplasm (HCN) - include HC adenomas and HC carcinomas and have been recognized as a separate class of tumours by the WHO. The remaining of the thyroid tumours demonstrating “mitochondrion-rich cells” and oncocytic morphology are referred under the umbrella term of “oncocytic vari...

ea0092op-12-02 | Oral Session 12: Emerging Insights into Thyroid Cancer Genetics | ETA2023

Comparative analysis of somatic copy number alterations (SCNA) between hürthle cell tumors (HCT) and oncocytic variant of follicular cell derived thyroid tumors (OV-FCDTT)

Canberk Sule , Ferreira Marta , Oliveira Carla , Reis Joana , Barros Rita , Pereira Luisa , Osorio Hugo , Rios Elisabete , Paula Arnaud , Soares Paula , Maximo Valdemar

Objectives: Somatic copy number alterations (SCNAs) have been the most common genetic alterations identified in cancer, that frequently related with extensive genomic instability and to an aggressive behavior. Hürthle cell carcinoma is known to be aggressive, having the highest incidence of recurrences, distant metastasis and RAI therapy resistance among all differentiated follicular cell derived thyroid carcinomas. Due to these differences and recent molecular discoverie...

ea0049gp178 | Pituitary | ECE2017

Sleep patterns in patients with non-functional GHRH receptor

Oliveira Francielle T , Salvatori Roberto , Marcondes Jose , Macena Larissa B , Oliveira-Santos Alecia A , Faro Augusto C N , Campos Viviane C , Oliveira Carla R P , Costa Ursula M M , Aguiar-Oliveira Manuel H

Hypothalamic GH releasing hormone (GHRH) has hypnotic actions by increasing slow wave sleep (SWS) (non-rapid eye movement sleep, non-REM), which account for about 75% of sleep. Conversely, GH may stimulate the rapid eye movement sleep (REM). Patients with GH deficiency (GHD) often exhibit sleep problems leading to daytime fatigue and reduced quality of life (QoL). We have described a cohort of patients with isolated GHD (IGHD) due to GHRH resistance caused by a homozygous null...

ea0049ep949 | Pituitary - Clinical | ECE2017

Ocular findings in adult subjects with congenital, lifetime, isolated, untreated growth hormone deficiency

Faro Augusto C N , Pereira-Gurgel Virginia M , Salvatori Roberto , Campos Viviane C , Melo Gustavo B , Oliveira Francielle T , Oliveira-Santos Alecia A , Oliveira Carla R P , Pereira Francisco A , Hellstrom Ann , Oliveira-Neto Luis A , Aguiar-Oliveira Manuel H

Ocular function is fundamental for environmental adaptation and survival capacity. Growth factors are thought to be necessary to reach a mature eyeball and consequent adequate vision. However, the consequences of the deficiency of circulating growth hormone (GH) and its effector insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) on the physical aspects of the human eye are still debated. A model of untreated isolated GH deficiency (IGHD) may clarify this issue. The aim of this study was to ...

ea0049ep1422 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ECE2017

Incidental thyroid uptake detected by 68Ga-DOTANOC positron Emission Tomography: is it clinical significant?

Silva Tiago Nunes da , Santos Joaquim Gomes , Matos Ana Catarina , Teixeira Joao Pedro , Oliveira Carla , Castanheira Joana , Carmona Susana , Duarte Hugo , Costa Durval , Oliveira Luis , Santos Ana Isabel , Portugal Jorge

Background: The detection of thyroid incidental uptake of radiopharmaceuticals has been increasing. Those detected by 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography (PET) have been associated with a significant risk of malignancy (8–64%). Gallium-68 (Ga-68) labelled peptides are now the standard imaging modality for staging neuroendocrine tumours (NET). Its high sensitivity has increased the discovery of incidental findings. The aim of this study was to ev...

ea0049ep1475 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ECE2017

Minimally and widely invasive follicular thyroid carcinomas: are there significant differences in clinical behaviour and prognosis?

Martins Diana , Ribeiro Cristina , Melo Miguel , Saraiva Joana , Martins Maria Joao , Baptista Carla , Oliveira Diana , Ventura Mara , Lages Adriana , Cunha Nelson , Catarino Diana , Fadiga Lucia , Costa Gracinda , Carrilho Francisco

Introduction: The existence of clear differences between the biological course and clinical behaviour of minimally invasive (MI) and widely invasive (WI) follicular thyroid carcinomas (FTC) is still debatable. The present study was conducted to outline the clinical differences between MI and WI-FTC and evaluate outcomes in both tumors.Methods: We conducted a retrospective cohort study involving 80 cases of FTC. The comparison between MI-FTC and WI-FTC in...

ea0090p708 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2023

Congenital, isolated, and lifetime growth hormone deficiency provides superior cognitive performance in senescence

Batista Vanderlan O. , Kellner Michael , Salvatori Roberto , Oliveira Walter , Faro Andre , Santos Lucas B. , Melo Enaldo V. , Oliveira-Santos Alecia A. , Oliveira Carla R. P. , Almeida Viviane , Barros-Oliveira Cynthia S. , Santos Elenilde G. , Santana Nathalie O. , Villar-Gouy Keila R. , Leal Angela , Amorim Rivia S. , H. Aguiar-Oliveira Manuel

Mice with isolated GH deficiency (IGHD) due to GHRH receptor mutations live longer than their normal siblings with an extended healthspan, i.e., the period of life free from disabilities. Human IGHD individuals due to a mutation in the GHRH receptor gene from Itabaianinha, Brazil, has a normal lifespan with an extended healthspan (1). Our hypothesis is that their aging is accompanied by a delayed cognitive decline. Accordingly, we used the Literacy Independent Cognitive Assess...

ea0090ep706 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2023

Translation into Portuguese and cultural adaptation of the Literacy Independent Cognitive Assessment

Santos Lucas B. , Kellner Michael , Oliveira Walter , Faro Andre , Oliveira Carla R P , Batista Vanderlan O , Oliveira-Santos Alecia A , de Brito Iris de Vita Alves , Almeida Viviane , Villar-Gouy Keila R , Leal Angela , Amorim Rivia S , Melo Enaldo V , Santos Elenilde G , Salvatori Roberto , Aguiar-Oliveira Manuel H.

Population aging has become a universal worldwide phenomenon. Developing countries (such as Portuguese-speaking countries, with a high rate of illiteracy) will see the greatest increase in the absolute number of elderly people, and dementia disorders will pose enormous challenges to public health in these countries. Although the decline in GH secretion with age has been associated with deleterious conditions of aging, our understanding is the opposite, that the decline in GH s...