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ea0063gp136 | Obesity | ECE2019

Administration of a growth hormone bolus down-regulates gene-expression of the g0/g1 switch gene 2 (g0s2) in subcutaneous adipose tissue in healthy, obese men: a randomized, placebo-controlled, cross-over study

Hjelholt Astrid , Jessen Niels , Arlien-Soborg Mai Christiansen , Pedersen Steen Bonlokke , Jorgensen Jenso Otto Lunde

Background: Growth hormone (GH) potently stimulates lipolysis, and after GH exposure, levels of serum free fatty acids (FFAs) increase in a distinct temporal pattern characterized by a 1-hour lag phase and a peak after 3 hours followed by a gradual return to baseline. This effect predominantly operates during fasting and promotes utilization of lipids from adipose tissue (AT) at the expense of glucose and protein. Prolonged fasting also downregulates the expression of the G0/G...

ea0049ep654 | Obesity | ECE2017

Growth hormone signaling and action in obese versus lean human subjects: evidence of increased hepatic GH sensitivity in obesity

Pedersen Morten Hogild , Bak Ann Mosegaard , Pedersen Steen Bonlokke , Jessen Niels , Moller Niels , Jorgensen Jens O.L.

Context: Obesity is accompanied by blunted GH secretion but relatively normal serum IGF-I levels, which suggests increased GH sensitivity. This, however, remains to be tested at the level of GH signaling in human subjects.Objective: To compare the effects of an acute intravenous GH bolus in obese vs normal weight subjects on GH signaling pathways in adipose and muscle tissue, substrate metabolism and insulin sensitivity.Subjects an...

ea0032p622 | Growth hormome IGF axis – basic | ECE2013

A comparison of the in vitro production of IGFs, IGFBP-4 and PAPP-A in cultures of visceral and subcutaneous adipose tissue fragments from obese subjects

Frystyk Jan , Gude Mette Faurholdt , Hjortebjerg Rikke , Oxvig Claus , Pedersen Steen Bonlokke

Background: Visceral adipose tissue (VAT) is less insulin sensitive and more harmful than subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT). In adipocytes, IGF1 receptor signaling has been linked to insulin resistance, but it is unknown whether VAT and SAT also differ in production of IGFs. Therefore, we compared IGFs, IGFBP-4 and PAPP-A production in cultured fragments of VAT and SAT from obese subjects.Methods: VAT and SAT was collected perioperatively during elective...