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ea0011p609 | Neuroendocrinology and behaviour | ECE2006

Effect of pegvisomant on glucose metabolism

Aznar S , Boix E , Revert P , Moreno O , López-Maciá A , Picó A

Aim: To quantify the effect of pegvisomant on glucose homeostasis, lipid profile and disease activity in acromegaly.Methods: 5 Patients with active acromegaly after surgery, radiotherapy and somatostatin analogs were included. Somatostatin analogs were withdrawn 6 weeks before starting pegvisomant and it was initially administered subcutaneously at doses of 10 mg daily. Doses were progressively increased every 3 to 4 weeks until IGF1 normalization. Gluco...

ea0070aep397 | Diabetes, Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition | ECE2020

Exposure to phenolic compounds (Bisphenol A and Methyl Paraben) in pregnancy and its relationship with gestational diabetes mellitus, insulin homeostasis and pancreatic beta cell function

Serrano Joaquin , Picó-Alfonso Antonio , Fernández Mariana F , Pedro Arrebola Juan , Alfayate-Guerra Rocio , Teresa López Maria , Moreno-Perez Oscar

Objectives: The effect of exposure to endocrine disruptors (exogenous chemical compounds that interfere with hormonal homeostasis), such as Bisphenol A (BPA) and Methyl Paraben (MPB), on gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) has only been investigated in a small number of studies, with inconclusive results. Our objective was to investigate the association between concentrations of BPA and MPB in urine and the presence of DMG, insulin sensitivity and function of beta cells in a c...

ea0070oc7.4 | Endocrine-related Cancer | ECE2020

Increased E2F1 mRNA and miR-17-5p expression may predict aggressiveness of pituitary neuroendocrine tumours

García-Martínez Araceli , Martínez-López Sebastián , López-Muñoz Beatriz , Cámara Rosa , Fajardo Carmen , Lamas Cristina , Silva-Ortega Sandra , Aranda Ignacio , Picó Antonio

Introduction: E2F1 regulates the expression of genes required for cell cycle progression and apoptosis. miR-17-5p regulates expression of E2F1. Both miR-17-5p and E2F1 have been described deregulated in cancer but they have been scarcely studied in human pituitary neuroendocrine tumours (PitNETs).The aim of the present study was to find biomarkers of aggressiveness in PitNETs and report the correlation between E2F1 and...

ea0070aep653 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2020

Characterization of pituitary adenomas by immunohistochemistry of pituitary-specific transcription factors and their correlation with hormonal subtypes

García-Martínez Araceli , Silva-Ortega Sandra , López-Muñoz Beatriz , Moreno-Pérez Óscar , Monjas Irene , Abarca Javier , Picó Antonio , Aranda Ignacio

Introduction: The immunohistochemical characterization of Pit-1, Tpit and SF-1 transcription factors allows the identification of the three adenohypophyseal cell lines and has been incorporated into the latest WHO classification of pituitary adenomas (PA). The aim of the present study was to quantify the protein expression of pituitary-specific transcription factors (TF) by immunohistochemistry (IHC) and to correlate these results with the identification based on hormonal prot...

ea0070ep14 | Adrenal and Cardiovascular Endocrinology | ECE2020

Descriptive analysis of suprarrenal carcinoma in our center. Clinical characteristics and evolution

Damas-Fuentes Miguel , Martínez Montoro José Ignacio , Fernández Valero Andrea , José Picón-César María , Tinahones Madueño Francisco J

Introduction: Adrenocortical carcinoma (ACC) is a very rare entity with a variable clinical presentation.Objective: To review the casuistry of ACC in our center in the last 15 years and to assess clinical characteristics and evolution in our patients.Material and method: We searched cases of ACC from 2004 to December 2018 registered in the Pathology Department.Results: Fifteen cases were found, 9 women and 6 ...

ea0070ep26 | Adrenal and Cardiovascular Endocrinology | ECE2020

Success rate of adrenal vein sampling: A ten-year experience

Martínez Montoro José Ignacio , Damas Fuentes Miguel , Fernández Valero Andrea , Picón César María José , Tinahones Madueño Francisco José

Introduction: Adrenal vein sampling (AVS) is the gold standard test to distinguish between unilateral adenoma and bilateral hyperplasia in primary hyperaldosteronism. This is a technical complicated procedure with a variable success rate. Our aim was to report our 10-year-success rate and results as regards to this procedure.Material and Methods: Retrospective observational study including data from patients undergoing AVS between 2009 and 2019.<p cl...

ea0070aep588 | Pituitary and Neuroendocrinology | ECE2020

New advances in the diagnosis of gonadotroph tumours

García-Martínez Araceli , Morote-Guillén Cristina , Martínez-López Sebastián , Eugenia Torregrosa-Quesada María , Silva-Ortega Sandra , López-Muñoz Beatriz , Moreno Óscar , Aranda Ignacio , Picó Antonio

Introduction: Gonadotroph tumours (GT) are the most common subtype of silent pituitary neuroendocrine tumours. The diagnosis of this subtype of tumours is established after surgery. There are no reliable markers of aggressiveness to predict their clinical course and, moreover, immunohistochemistry (IHC) usually classifies GT as null cell tumours. The aim of the present study was to correlate molecular, immunohistochemical and biochemical gonadotropin expression, to quantify th...