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ea0037s25.1 | Challenges in pituitary tumours | ECE2015

Treatment with temozolomide in aggressive pituitary tumours with or without metastases

Raverot Gerald

Aggressive pituitary tumours, characterized by tumor recurrence and continued progression despite repeated treatments and pituitary carcinomas respond poorly to conventional therapies. The first reports describing the successful use of temozolomide (TMZ), an orally administered alkylating agent used to treat malignant gliomas, in the management of pituitary carcinomas were published in 2006. Following these single case reports small series of patients have detailed the success...

ea0032s21.1 | Multi-centre pituitary studies | ECE2013

New classification of pituitary tumours based on the hypopronos database

Raverot Gerald

Pituitary endocrine tumours are currently classified by histological, immunocytochemical and numerous ultrastructural characteristics but without prognostic clinical correlations. We investigated the prognostic value of a new clinicopathological classification with grades based on invasion and proliferation, the components of tumour behaviour.This retrospective multicentric case–control study comprised 410 patients who had surgery for a pituitary tu...

ea0067o20 | Oral Presentations | EYES2019

Phenotype of patients carrying the c.709(-7-2)del PRKAR1A mutation in a large cohort of 40 patients

Abderrahmane Fatimetou , Raverot Gerald , Lefebvre Herve , Cardot-Bauters Catherine , Vantyghem Marie-Christine , Bertherat Jerome , Espiard Stephanie

Objective: To describe the Carney Complex (CNC) manifestations presented by patients harboring the PRKAR1A mutation c.709(-7-2)del (one of the three hotspots) in a large cohort of patients.Methods: Multicenter retrospective study. Age at the diagnosis or at the screening of the different CNC manifestations is described by mean ± standard deviation.Results: Forty patients [12 index cases, 27 females, 46±15 years o...

ea0063gp57 | Acromegaly and GH | ECE2019

Biochemical control was sustained with long-acting pasireotide in patients with uncontrolled acromegaly over continued treatment with first-generation somatostatin analogues (SSAs): Results from the extension of phase 3b, open-label study

Gadelha Monica , Colao Annamaria , Bex Marie , Mukherjee Rishav , Bourad Catherine , Maamari Ricardo , Raverot Gerald

Background: In a phase 3b, open-label study (NCT02354508) assessing efficacy and safety of long-acting pasireotide in patients with uncontrolled acromegaly after ≥3 months of treatment with first-generation SSAs, 18/123 (15%) patients achieved the primary endpoint of mean growth hormone (mGH) <1.0 μg/l and insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) <ULN (upper limit of normal) at week 36. Here, we present the results from the extension phase of this study.<p c...

ea0063gp172 | Obesity (1) | ECE2019

Pituitary surgery as first-line therapy for microprolactinomas

Teulade Marie , Lasolle Helene , Vasiljevic Alexandre , Borson-Chazot Francoise , Jouanneau Emmanuel , Raverot Gerald

Introduction: Dopamine agonists (DA), reference treatment for microprolactinomas, rarely allow long term remission. The performance of endoscopic pituitary surgery should be examined as first-line treatment.Objective: To evaluate the remission rate of microprolactinoma operated by endoscopic transphenoidal approachMethods: We retrospectively studied the surgical results of the 35 microprolactinomas operated between 2010 to 2017 in ...

ea0063gp238 | Anterior and Posterior Pituitary | ECE2019

Immune checkpoint inhibitors therapy-induced hypophysitis is frequently associated with previous thyroid disorders: results from ImmuCare study

Levy Manon , Abeillon Juliette , Borson-Chazot Francoise , Dalle Stephane , Raverot Gerald , Cugnet-Anceau Christine

Context: The immune checkpoint inhibitor (ICI) therapy is frequently used to treat advanced cancers. Autoimmune adverse events have been reported, such as endocrine side effects including frequent thyroid disorders and more rarely hypophysitis. The aim of this study was to describe retrospectively the association thyroiditis-hypophysitis.Patients and method: From 99 patients with endocrine side effects of the ImmuCare cohort, 18 patients with hypophysiti...

ea0049oc12.2 | Pituitary Clinical | ECE2017

Use of temozolomide in a large cohort of patients with aggressive pituitary tumours and pituitary carcinomas: Results from a European Society of Endocrinology (ESE) survey

McCormack Ann , Dekkers Olaf M , Petersenn Stephan , Popovic Vera , Trouillas Jacqueline , Raverot Gerald , Burman Pia

Objective: To collect clinical and treatment outcome data in a large patient cohort, and specifically to report experience with temozolomide (TMZ).Design: Cohort study based on an electronic survey open for participation to ESE members Dec 2015-Nov 2016.Results: Reports on 167 patients, 40 pituitary carcinomas, and 127 aggressive pituitary tumours were obtained. Median age at diagnosis was 43 (range 4–79) years. 59% of tumours...

ea0041oc13.4 | Pituitary Clinical | ECE2016

Diagnosis and management of thyrotropin-secreting pituitary tumors: a single center experience with a long-term follow-up of 30 patients

Capraru Oana-Maria , Gaillard Celine , Vasiljevic Alexandre , Raverot Veronique , Borson-Chazot Francoise , Jouanneau Emmanuel , Raverot Gerald

TSH secreting pituitary adenomas are rare tumours for which the treatment of choice is neurosurgery but in some cases medical treatment with somatostatin analogs (SSA) can lead to a good control of symptoms and shrinkage of the tumour.The objective of this study was to review 30 patients diagnosed with TSH-omas between October 1981–July 2014, followed-up for a median of 43.93 months (1.12–192.11) in our University Hospital from Lyon, France.</p...

ea0041ep27 | Adrenal cortex (to include Cushing's) | ECE2016

Bilateral adrenalectomy in Cushing’s syndrome: evaluation of quality of life compared to other treatment options

Sarkis Pauline , Rabilloud Muriel , Siamand Anna , Lifante Jean-Christophe , Chabre Olivier , Raverot Gerald

Context: Bilateral adrenalectomy (BADX) has become an important treatment option of Cushing’s syndrome (CS), especially when other treatments have failed. Long-term outcome is not well known.Objective: To evaluate long-term quality of life (QoL) of patients who underwent BADX for CS compared to other therapeutic options.Methods: Fourty five patients with all cause CS were identified: 23 patients had BADX and 22 underwent one o...

ea0041ep862 | Pituitary - Basic | ECE2016

The silent somatotroph tumours

Chinezu Laura , Vasiljevic Alexandre , Lapoirie Marion , Trouillas Jacqueline , Jouanneau Emmanuel , Raverot Gerald

Introduction: Silent somatotroph tumours are GH immunoreactive (IR) pituitary tumours without clinical and biological signs of acromegaly. In our series, they represent 16% of all the somatotroph pituitary tumours. The aim of our study was to compare the somatotroph tumours with and without acromegaly to a better characterization of these silent tumours.Materials and methods: Fifty-nine tumours with acromegaly and 21 silent somatotroph tumours were studi...