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ea0022p34 | Adrenal | ECE2010

Aberrant adrenal LH receptors leading to subclinical Cushing's syndrome: long-term effect of medical treatment with leuprolide acetate

Stratigou Theodora , Tsatlidis Vasileios , Sangova-Grigoriadi Sylvina , Kypraios Nikolaos , Papadopoulou Katerina , Tampourlou Metaxia , Tsagarakis Slylianos

Aberrant adrenal LH expression is a rare cause of adrenal CushingÂ’s syndrome (CS) leading to transient hypercortisolism during pregnancies and ACTH-independent macronodular adrenal hyperplasia (AIMAH) after the sustained postmenopausal increase of LH secretion. Subclinical CS due to aberrant LH expression has very rarely been described. Herein, we report a case with aberrant LH/hCG adrenal receptor mediated subclinical CS in a patient with incidentally discovered AIMAH an...

ea0090p590 | Calcium and Bone | ECE2023

Post-thyroidectomy development of posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES) due to over-replacement of hypocalcemia

Papalou Olga , Katechakis Nikolaos , Koukoula Chrysoula , Beka Aikaterini , Baikousi Dimitra , Gkoufa Kyriaki , Mandrapylia Angeliki , Stratigou Theodora , Vassiliadi Dimitra , Tsagarakis Stylianos

A 61-year-old woman was admitted to the Emergency Department with generalized seizures. She reported general malaise, anorexia, headache and multiple episodes of vomiting that started about 12 h before admission. She had a history of recent thyroidectomy, and she was on oral calcium carbonate (3 gr/day) and alpha calcidol (3 mg/day). Non-contrast head CT scan was negative for major findings. Laboratory work up revealed hypercalcemia (corrected calcium 14,4 mg/dl), renal impair...

ea0090p759 | Thyroid | ECE2023

Redifferentiation with Vemurafenib of BRAF-mutated Radioiodine Refractory Differentiated Metastatic Thyroid Cancer in two patients

Koukoula Chrysoula , Papalou Olga , Diamantopoulos Aristidis , Beka Aikaterini , Baikousi Dimitra , Antonopoulou Vasiliki , Ntali Georgia , Stratigou Theodora , Rontogianni Phoebe , Datseris Ioannis , Vassiliadi Dimitra , Tsagarakis Stylianos

Radioiodine treatment is the cornerstone of differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC) management. A number of thyroid cancers, however, become radioiodine-refractory (RAIR) and these represent about 60% of advanced DTCs and are responsible for the vast majority of DTC mortality. RAIR DTC has limited therapeutic options, mainly tyrosine kinase inhibitors that are associated with moderate efficacy and considerable toxicity. Reinducing NIS expression (redifferentiation) with the aim of...