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ea0086p267 | Reproductive Endocrinology | SFEBES2022

Spatial and ligand-directed control of Prostaglandin EP2 signalling

Walker Abigail , Parkin Holly , Woodward David , Hanyaloglu Aylin

Prostaglandin E2 acts via 4 GPCRs, EP1-4. EP2 regulates inflammation and has important roles in cardiovascular function, reproduction, and malignancy. GPCR signalling and trafficking are highly integrated as signals from the endomembrane can exhibit distinct profiles from the plasma membrane. Whether EP2 activity is spatially regulated and if this is modified by ligand bias is currently unknown. In HEK 293 cells, three selective EP2 ligands, butaprost, AH13205, and PGN9856i, e...

ea0094oc4.5 | Reproductive Endocrinology | SFEBES2023

Luteinising hormone receptor signalling is reliant on formation of distinct multi-receptor complexes

Walker Abigail , Hopkins Thomas , Howell Lesley , Farooq Zara , McCormick Peter , Jonas Kim , Hanyaloglu Aylin

Luteinising hormone (LH) and the luteinising hormone receptor (LHR) have key roles in steroidogenesis and ovulation, thus are central targets for fertility treatment. The LHR is a G protein-coupled receptor that predominantly signals through Gαs, although under conditions of high ligand concentration and/or high receptor density, as occurs during the mid-cycle LH surge, can also signal via Gαq/11. Yet, how LHR delineates signal pathway activation to coordinate pleiot...