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ea0091p36 | Poster Presentations | SFEEU2023

An unusual presentation of Grave’s disease

Younes Younes R , Thomas Kerushan , Lakshmipathy Kavitha , Nayyar Vidhu , Zachariah Sunil , Clark James , C T Field Benjamin , Emmanuel Julian

We present a case of a 44-year-old female with fluctuating thyroid function over 12-14 years. The patient originally presented with a high TSH, normal free T3/T4 and a negative anti-TPO antibody. She was initially monitored, then went onto Levothyroxine replacement in an antenatal setting. Subsequently, 12-18 months later, she presented with hyperthyroid symptoms and vastly elevated TSH-receptor-antibody (TSHR-ab) titre of >10 IU/L, the upper limit of normal being 2.9 IU/L...

ea0091p43 | Poster Presentations | SFEEU2023

Corticosteroids can prolong the duration of COVID-19 shedding, in the absence of symptoms

Thomas Kerushan , R Younes Younes , Lakshmipathy Kavitha , Nayyar Vidhu , Zachariah Sunil , Clark James , C T Field Benjamin , Emmanuel Julian

A recent case series commented on adverse COVID-19 outcomes among patients with CushingÂ’s syndrome, despite minimal symptoms and low inflammatory markers. Excessive glucocorticoids can impede adaptive immune response to viruses, leading to increased infection risks (1). Sarker et al discussed glucocorticoids binding to viral spike-proteins, inhibiting receptor interactions and contributing to prolonged positive swabs, in the absence of symptoms (2). We report the c...

ea0084ps2-06-54 | Hypothyroidism Treatment | ETA2022

Treatment of hypothyroidism in europe by specialists: an international survey (THESIS): analysis of contested indications for prescribing among uk participants

R Younes Younes , Perros Petros , Hegedus Laszlo , Papini Enrico , V Nagy Endre , Attanasio (ORCID: 0000-0002-1417-287X) Roberto , Negro Roberto , C.T. Field (ORCID: 0000-0002-1883-1588) Benjamin

Objectives: We present findings from the UK arm of the THESIS collaboration, a pan-European survey of endocrinologistsÂ’ opinions and current practice in the management of hypothyroid and euthyroid disorders.Methods: UK clinical members of the Society of Endocrinology and the British Thyroid Association were invited to participate in an online survey.Results: 272 of 1295 (21%) eligible members completed the survey. More than 50...