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ea0011p155 | Clinical case reports | ECE2006

Acromegaly with a double pituitary adenoma

Chandran S , Parkinson C

Although double adenomas may be present in 1% of autopsy pituitaries, in patients with pituitary disease they are extremely rare. In previously reported surgical series an incidence of 0.37–1.64% has been observed. We report a 55 year old lady with features suggestive of acromegaly and a double pituitary adenoma on MRI. The diagnosis of acromegaly was confirmed by an elevated serum IGF-I and a nadir growth hormone of 10.3 mU/l during a 75 g oral glucose tolerance test. Ot...

ea0057034 | A family history of short stature | BES2018

A family history of short stature

Alev N , Boros E , Beckers D , Auquier C , Vilain C , Brachet C , Heinrichs C

Introduction: Short stature is a common cause of consultation in pediatric endocrinology. In 80% of cases, the etiology remains unknown1 and classified as « idiopathic short stature. We report the case of a child with a heterozygote complete deletion of the IGF1 gene.Case report: A 21 months old boy was referred in pediatric endocrinology because of his extreme short stature. The parents of Sicilian origin are not consanguineous. The fath...

ea0010p41 | Endocrine tumours and neoplasia | SFE2005

An audit on hypercalcaemia. Tools of the trade

Arefin A , White C

Introduction: Primary hyperparathyroidism (PHP) is common; Prevalence and Incidence are now much higher than the past. There is also a change in practice related to medical management, surveillance, and defining criteria for diagnosis as well as the recommendation for surgery.Decision to send patients for surgery was considered primarily on their calcium level.Other criteria for surgery were largely ignored.E...

ea0009s1biog | Society for Endocrinology Dale Medal Lecture | BES2005

Society for Endocrinology Dale Medal Lecture

C Ronald kahn

C Ronald Kahn, Joslin Diabetes Centre, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA AbstractDr C Ronald Kahn was born in Louisville, KY and received his undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Louisville. After training in internal medicine at Barnes Hospital, St Louis, MO, he joined the NIH as a Clinical Associate in the Endocrinology Branch. Over the next 11 years, he rose to become the Head of the Secti...

ea0009p5 | Diabetes and metabolism | BES2005

A study of obesity awareness in obese patients attending a District General Hospital

John L , Ooi C

Aims and Methods:Obesity treatment is often unsuccessful despite the efforts of seemingly motivated patients. Awareness among the obese, regarding obesity, is important to facilitate weight loss and to prevent weight gain. We assessed the awareness of obese patients with regard to obesity, its complications and treatment options. Consecutive subjects attending outpatient clinics with BMI>/=30and <70years of age were interviewed.<p class="abstex...

ea0009p196 | Clinical | BES2005

A case of an angry old man

Grainge C , English P

A 92-year-old man presented with a one-month history of episodic aggression, confusion, urinary incontinence and auditory hallucinations. Episodes lasted 30 - 150 minutes, occurred daily and were abruptly self-terminating. Between episodes he was cognitively intact and lived independently. Initial investigations revealed a plasma glucose of 11.0 millimoles per litre, other biochemical tests were normal.He was known to have a pleural mass at the left lung...

ea0007p177 | Reproduction | BES2004

Oral tibolone combined with testosterone as a potential male contraceptive: pharmacodynamic study examining additive effects in suppression of pituitary-testicular axis

Oxynos C , Wu F

BACKGROUND: Hormonal male contraception is based on the reversible suppression of LH and FSH resulting in intratesticular testosterone depletion with subsequent spermatogenic arrest and infertility. Tibolone, a unique synthetic steroid with mixed progestational, androgenic and oestrogenic activities, has been shown to suppress gonadotrophins, inhibit ovulation and postmenopausal hot flushes in women. HYPOTHESIS: We hypothesise that the hybrid anti-gonadotrophic action of Tibol...

ea0007p187 | Reproduction | BES2004

Effects of oral nomegestrol acetate, a 19 norprogesterone-derived progestin on the reproductive axis and lipids in men

Hay C , Wu F

Objectives: To assess the gonadotrophin suppressive effects of 2 doses of nomegestrol acetate (NOMA) alone and in combination with testosterone enanthate (TE) in men.To evaluate the potential effects of NOMA on circulating lipids in menMethods: Twelve healthy male volunteers were recruited. Subjects were randomly allocated to receive either NOMA 5 milligrams or NOMA 10 milligrams orally daily. Study duration included 28 days treatm...

ea0007p192 | Reproduction | BES2004

Intramuscular testosterone (T) undecanoate for the treatment of male hypogonadism: a parallel-group randomised open-label pharmacokinetic study

Hay C , Wu F

Objective: To identify the optimal regime for physiological replacement in hypogonadism. We assessed the pharmacokinetics of 3 different dose-intervals for i.m. administration of the new parenteral formulation of testosterone undecanoate in castor oil (Schering AG Berlin).Methods: Ten hypogonadal subjects (primary n equals 4 or secondary n equals 6) with a baseline T at diagnosis of less than 7 nanomols per litre were recruited and randomly allocated int...

ea0006s16 | Melanocortin receptors | SFE2003

Melanocortin receptors in the anterior pituitary

Denef C , Langouche L

In anterior pituitary reaggregate cell culture gamma3-MSH has a mitogenic effect on lactotrophs and augments PRL mRNA levels. Moreover, the peptide increases intracellular free calcium levels ([Ca2+]i) in a subpopulation of cells which is heterogenous with respect to expressed pituitary hormone mRNAs. The effect of gamma3-MSH on ([Ca2+]i is blocked by SHU9119, an MC3- and MC4R antagonist, in only 50% of the responsive cells, suggesting that in half of these cells the mediating...