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Increased cortisol level in type 1 diabetic patient may lead decreasing of bone mineral density

Alpaslan Tuzcu 1 , Semir Bayer 1 , Senay Arikan 1 , Deniz Gokalp 1 , Mithat Bahceci 1 & Naime Canoruc 2

1Dicle University School of Medicine Department of Endocrinology, Diyarbakir, Turkey; 2Dicle University School of Medicine Department of Biochemistry, Diyarbakir, Turkey.

Objective: In this study we aim to investigate the association of osteoporosis and type 1 diabetes in 43 type 1 diabetic subjects and 41 control subjects.

Subjects and methods: Bone mineral density of both groups was measured by DEXA. Age, BMI, waist/hip ratio, daily calcium consumption of both groups were determined. Twenty-four hours urinary calcium, phosphorus, deoxipyridinoline and pyridinoline were measured. Osteocalcin ALP, IGF-1, IBF-BP3. HbA1c, cortisol, albumin, LDL and triglyceride were measured in both groups. Independent t-test and chi- square test were used to the groups.

Results: Age, body weight, BMI, waist/hip ratio, daily calcium consumption of diabetics were not different from the control group (P>0.05). Total lumbal BMD (0.88±0.1; 0.93±0.1 g/cm2 respectively; P<0.05) total femur BMD (0.93±0.14, 0.99±0.1 g/cm2 respectively; P<0.05) and total femur Z- score (−0.16±1, 0.53±0.7 respectively; P<0.005) of the diabetic group were statically lower than control group. Urine DPD/ creatinine level (7.6±6.1, 4.9±3.8 pmol/μmol respectively; P<0.05), serum ALP level (113±62, 74±18 U/L respectively; P<0.001), IGF-BP3 level (5.4±0.9, 4.7±1 μg/ml respectively; P<0.001) of diabetic groups were statically higher than control group. Serum cortisol levels in diabetic group were statically higher than control group (14.7±3, 12.8±2.7 μgr/dl respectively; P<0,005).

Conclusions: Bone mineral density of type 1 diabetic patient were decreased due to increased bone turnover.

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