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Body fat concentration is a poor predictor of bone mineral content in hyperthyroid women

Carmen Vulpoi , Dumitru Branisteanu & Eusebie Zbranca

University of Medicine and Pharmacy ‘Gr.T.Popa’, Iasi, Romania.

Hyperthyroidism has significant impact upon both bone turnover and body composition. The present study was designed to investigate whether there is a connection between changes in body composition and bone mineral content at female patients with perturbed thyroid function. Sixty-seven long standing (over 6 months) overt hyperthyroid women had significantly lower bone mineral content as expressed by the Z score measured by quantitative ultrasonography (−0.86+/−0.69 compared to −0.08+/−0.37 in the age- and BMI- matched euthyroid control group of 82 women, P=0.01) and a modified body composition (evaluated by the bioelectrical impedance technique), with lower body fat percentage (39+/−2% compared to 44+/−1.9% in controls, P=0.01). Bone mineral content of hyperthyroid women was significantly correlated to serum alkaline phosphatase (R2=0.545, P<0.001), but not to the percentage of body fat (R2=0.0069, NS). Body fat percentage was however a good predictor for the bone mineral content of control euthyroid women (R2=0.176, P=0.027). We conclude that loss of bone mass in hyperthyroid women is caused rather by an increase in bone turnover, under the direct action of thyroid hormones, than by a thyroid hormone-induced decrease of body fat mass.

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