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12th European Congress of Endocrinology

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Reproduction & Thyroid

ea0022oc5.1 | Reproduction & Thyroid | ECE2010

Therapeutic concentrations of mitotane inhibit thyrotroph cell viability and TSH secretion in a mouse cell line model

Gentilin Erica , Daffara Fulvia , Reimondo Giuseppe , Carandina Gianni , Ambrosio Maria Rosaria , Terzolo Massimo , degli Uberti Ettore C , Zatelli Maria Chiara

Mitotane therapy is associated with many side effects, including thyroid function perturbations mimicking central hypothyroidism, possibly due to laboratory test interference or pituitary direct effects of mitotane. Therefore, we aimed at investigating whether increasing concentrations of mitotane in the therapeutic range might interfere with thyroid hormone assays and evaluate the effects of mitotane on a mouse TSH- producing pituitary cell line. TSH, FT4 and FT<su...

ea0022oc5.2 | Reproduction &amp; Thyroid | ECE2010

The influence of cure of subclinical hyperthyroidism on diastolic diameters of heart chambers and cardiac index

Kaminski Grzegorz , Podgajny Zbigniew , Szalus Norbert

Introduction: Subclinical hyperthyroidism (SH) affects about 1% of population. The diagnosis of this disease leans on the laboratory criteria only: decreased of TSH and normal FT3 and FT4 levels. SH increases mortality mostly due to cardiovascular diseases including arrhythmia and overload of the heart. Enlarging of heart chambers is one of the cause of arrhythmia, and cardiac index is one of indicators of heart after load.Aim: To e...

ea0022oc5.3 | Reproduction &amp; Thyroid | ECE2010

Socio-economic factors and mortality in Turner syndrome: a registry study

Stochholm Kirstine , Gravholt Claus

In Turner persons questionnaire surveys have identified quality of life, perception of health and education to be at a similar or higher level compared to the background population. To shed further light on these seemingly paradoxical findings in Turner persons we aimed to analyze various socio-economic parameters in Turner persons compared to an age-matched female background population.All diagnosed Turner syndrome women nationwide (n=977) were i...

ea0022oc5.4 | Reproduction &amp; Thyroid | ECE2010

One hormone, two functions: the chorionic gonadotropin in New World Monkeys

Adams Christian , Henke Alexander , Gromoll Jorg

Objective: The LH and chorionic gonadotropin (CG) are essential for reproduction and male sexual development. While LH induces tesosterone production, CG is essential for the establishment of pregnancy. In the New World Monkeys (NWM) the initial duplication of the ancestral LH-beta subunit (LHB) gene, which gave rise to the novel CG-beta subunit (CGB) gene, was followed by a genomic rearrangement event, leading to CGB expression in pituitary and placenta, whereas LHB became a ...

ea0022oc5.5 | Reproduction &amp; Thyroid | ECE2010

Predictive factors of intermittent ovarian function in patients with premature ovarian failure

Bidet Maud , Bissauge Estelle , Dulon Jerome , Bachelot Anne , Touraine Philippe

Objective: Premature ovarian failure (POF) is not an early menopause and intermittent ovarian function can be spontaneously observed in POF patients. We sought to characterize these patients and determine which factors were predictors of intermittent ovarian function.Patients and methods: Among 391 patients with idiopathic POF followed from 1997 in our department, 67 (17.1%) patients (Group 1) had POF fluctuating criteria: FSH <15 IU/l, resumed spont...

ea0022oc5.6 | Reproduction &amp; Thyroid | ECE2010

Universal screening detects twice more thyroid disorders in early pregnancy than targeted high-risk case finding

Horacek Jiri , Spitalnikova Sylvie , Dlabalova Blanka , Malirova Eva , Vizda Jaroslav , Svilias Ioannis , McGrath Catherine , Maly Jaroslav

Screening of thyroid disorders in pregnancy has been a matter of controversy. Recent recommendations favour targeted high-risk case finding though this approach may miss a significant number of those affected (Vaidya et al. JCEM 2007).Among 398 non-selected women in the 10th week of pregnancy, thyrotropin (IRMA) >3.5 mIU/l was found in 10.3%, free thyroxine (RIA) <10 pmol/l in 2% and thyroperoxidase antibodies (RIA) >50 IU/ml in...