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ea0037ep565 | Obesity and cardiovascular endocrinology | ECE2015

Patients with acute coronary syndrome have lower testosterone then healthy controls

Bednarova Adriana , Kuzma Martin , Payer Juraj

Objective: Several studies report the association of low testosterone with ischaemic heart disease although the results are inconsistent. In our study we tried to evaluate the relationship between sex hormones and incidence of acute coronary syndrome (ACS).Methods: This was a cross-sectional study. In 111 subjects (69 patients with ACS and 42 age-matched controls) we measured total testosterone, estradiol, SHBG, FSH, and LH by electrochemiluminiscence an...

ea0041ep1080 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ECE2016

Thyroid screening in pregnancy –preliminary data from our outpatient clinic

Palenikova Patricia , Kollerova Jana , Bednarova Adriana , Kuzma Martin , Payer Juraj

Introduction: The adverse impact of overt hypothyroidism that complicates pregnancy outcomes is well-established. In order to eliminate these complications has long been discussion about the need for early detection of the disease of the thyroid gland in the population of women planning pregnancy, respectively in early pregnancy. In Slovakia, this effort resulted in the approval of screening for thyroid diseases in pregnancy and has been enshrined in a legislative in 2009. Obl...

ea0049ep1173 | Male Reproduction | ECE2017

Gonadal status in males with acute coronary syndrome and the extent of coronary artery disease: a comparative cross-sectional analysis

Bednarova Adriana , Koller Tomaš , Kužma Martin , Payer Juraj

Introduction and aims: Association between coronary artery disease (CAD) and male gonadal status has been previously suggested, but still remains inconclusive. Aims of our study in males with recent acute coronary syndrome (ACS) were to evaluate the prevalence of hypogonadism, to compare their gonadal status with non-ACS matched controls and to evaluate gonadal status by the extent of CAD.Subjects and Methods: A cross-sectional retrospective study includ...