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ea0041ep266 | Clinical case reports - Pituitary/Adrenal | ECE2016

Insulin-mediated pseudoacromegaly with nonfunctioning pituitary adenoma

Celik Mehmet , Ayturk Semra , Yilmaz Bulbul Buket , Guldiken Sibel

Pseudoacromegaly is a rare disorder characterized by cutaneous manifestations of growth hormone excess but with normal growth hormone levels or IGF-1. This condition described in patients with insulin resistance, hypothyroidism, pachydermoperiostitis and drug intake such as minoxidil. The hyperinsulinaemia impaired metabolic signalling may activate intact mitogenic signalling pathways and stimulate pathological tissue growth.A 41-year-old man presented w...

ea0041ep400 | Developmental endocrinology | ECE2016

Acute exercise training and circulating irisin in adult mens

Arkan Tugba , Calan Mehmet , Celik Aksel , Cimrin Dilek , Bayraktar Firat

Context: Irisin is secreted by skeletal muscles into circulation and proposed to regulate energy homeostasis and hold therapeutic potential in diabetes and obesity.Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of acute exercise training (6 week) on circulating plasma irisin in adult mens.Design and setting: This was a cross-sectional study conducted in a university hospital.Participants: A tota...

ea0049ep118 | Clinical case reports - Pituitary/Adrenal | ECE2017

Case with metastatic lung cancer who developed adrenal insufficiency

Bulbul Buket Yilmaz , Celik Ece , Celik Mehmet , Ayturk Semra , Ustun Funda , Guldiken Sibel

Adrenal metastasis is common (35%) among the patients with lung cancer, while less than 3% of the patients develop bilateral adrenal metastasis. Adrenal metastases are generally small and clinically asymptomatic. Adrenal insufficiency is rare despite the presence of adrenal metastasis. Lam et al. reported this ratio as 0.7%. We aimed to present a case with lung cancer and bilateral adrenal metastasis who developed adrenal insufficiency.A 63-year old male...

ea0049ep121 | Clinical case reports - Pituitary/Adrenal | ECE2017

A rare case: adrenal lymphangioma

Durmus Yusuf , Celik Mehmet , Bulbul Buket Yilmaz , Ayturk Semra , Can Nuray , Tastekin Ebru , Guldiken Sibel

Adrenal lymphangioma is a rare benign tumors of the adrenal gland. Because of the increased use of imaging methods in recent times, the diagnosis is usually made incidentally. It is usually due to malformation between the lymphatic and the venous system. Those with small indiameters are generally asymptomatic and can be evacuated by needlea spiration. However, surgery is recommended for cysts over 6 cm in diameter due to risk of infection, bleeding, compression of neighboring ...

ea0049ep201 | Neuroendocrinology | ECE2017

A rare case: non-islet cell tumor hypoglycemia with adrenal insufficiency

Asoglu Veysi , Celik Mehmet , Bulbul Buket Yilmaz , Ayturk Semra , Ustun Funda , Guldiken Sibel

Non-islet cell tumor hypoglycemia (NICTH) is a rare paraneoplastic syndrome and is the second most common cause of tumor-related hypoglycemia following insulinoma. Its prevalence is not known and is likely that many cases would go undiagnosed. In here, we describe a patient with PNET who presented with severe hypoglycemia.A 37-year-old male with known metastatic Pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (PNET) presented with weight loss, sweating, and tremor, epi...

ea0049ep1397 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ECE2017

Insulin resistance and BRAFV600E mutation in the patients with differentiated thyroid carcinoma

Celik Mehmet , Yilmaz Bulbul Buket , Ayturk Semra , Tastekin Ebru , Can Nuray , Sezer Atakan , Ustun Funda

Aim: The incidence of nodular thyroid disease is high among patients with insulin resistance. The aim of this study is to evaluate the relationship between BRAFV600E mutation and insulin resistance in the patients with papillary thyroid cancer.Materials and methods: We examined clinical and laboratory data of 103 patients who had been followed up by our department between the years 2010 and 2015. The diagnosis of insulin resistance (IR) was made when the...

ea0049ep1404 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ECE2017

A rare cause of respiratory failure: Anaplastic carcinoma

Celik Ece , Celik Mehmet , Bulbul Buket Yilmaz , Ayturk Semra , Can Nuray , Serez Bilkay , Guldiken Sibel

Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma (ATC) is one of the most aggressive and lethal human malignancies. The median survival time following diagnosis is typically six months or less. Rapidly growing tumors may cause respiratory failure by compressing trachea. A 71-year-old woman presented with 1-month history of dyspnea, cyanosis and rapidly enlarging neck mass for the past 2 weeks. She had been suffering from multinodular goiter disease. Physical examination revealed a large, fixed an...

ea0041ep565 | Diabetes therapy | ECE2016

The effect of diabetes on the duration and cost of treatment in patients with acute ischemic stroke

Guldiken Baburhan , Namli Merve , Celik Burak , Celik Mehmet , Bulbul Buket Yilmaz , Guldiken Sibel

Diabetes is an important risk factor for ischemic stroke. Hyperglycemia observed in acute ischemic stroke is accepted as a poor prognostic factor. In the present study, our aim is to investigate the effect of diabetes on the duration and cost of treatment in acute ischemic stroke.Three hundred sixty two acute ischemic stroke patients that were hospitalized in the university neurology clinic in 2015 were retrospectively evaluated. Patients that have diabe...

ea0041ep578 | Diabetes therapy | ECE2016

The need of change in the treatment options for diabetes in acute ischemic stroke

Guldiken Baburhan , Celik Burak , Namli Merve , Bulbul Buket Yilmaz , Celik Mehmet , Guldiken Sibel

Diabetes that is an important risk factor for ischemic stroke should also be well-treated in acute ischemic stroke patients for the secondary prevention against the next strokes. In the present study, we investigated the rate of the treatment changes in diabetic acute ischemic stroke patients during their stay at hospital.One hundred twelve acute diabetic ischemic stroke patients that were hospitalized in the university neurology clinic were retrospectiv...

ea0037ep1160 | Clinical Cases–Pituitary/Adrenal | ECE2015

Pituitary apoplexy case caused by Hanta virus ınfection

Ayturk Semra , Genc Ahmet Bilal , Yaylaci Selcuk , Karabay Oguz , Tamer Ali , Celik Mehmet

Pituitary apoplexy (PA) is a rare but life-threatening medical emergency. Common predisposing factors include closed head trauma, blood pressure alterations, history of pituitary irradiation, cardiac surgery, anticoagulation, treatment with dopamine agonists, pituitary stimulation testing, and pregnancy. Hantaviruses belonging to the Bunyaviridae family are a group of rodent- or insectivore-borne single-strand ribonucleic acid (RNA) viruses. In humans, hantaviruses can cause h...