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ea0035p998 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ECE2014

FT3 level is a predictor of mortality in hemodialysis patients in 5 years follow-up

Gasiorek Malgorzata , Marczewski Krzysztof

Introduction: The low FT3 syndrome is known as associated with a high risk of death within a short time. Less is a long-term observations, and only a few concerning patients on chronic dialysis.The aim of the study was to evaluate whether the value of thyroid hormones on hemodialysis are a predictor of risk of death in the follow-up of 5 years.Results: The study included 89 patients (58 men) undergoing dialysis in the period from 0...

ea0020p511 | Endocrine Disruptors | ECE2009

Testosterone serum level in haemodialysed male patients positively correlates with adequacy of dialysis

Gasiorek Malgorzata , Maciejewski Marek , Marczewski Krzysztof

Introduction: Hypogonadism in men is the increasing problem of the present medicine, specially concerning patients suffering from chronic diseases, e.g. diabetes, chronic kidney diseases. However, there are no enough data referring to haemodialysed patients and correlation with adequacy of dialysis was not found.Aim: The aim of the study was to assess the gonadal status of male patients receiving dialysis in our ward with reference to parameters of adequ...

ea0049ep1282 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ECE2017

Weak numeracy is common problem in patients with thyroid diseases

Wawak Ewa , Basinski Pawel , Gasiorek Malgorzata , Marczewski Krzysztof

Introduction: In modern medicine, we expect from patients numeracy skills. Starting with the correct dosage of drugs up to understand the principles of risk assessment of alternative treatments. These skills, however, are probably rarely checked. Just as the skills of reading, where we entrust signature ‘read and understood’. That is why we want to introduce our observation.Method: Subsequent patient, outpatient endocrinological clinic, we have...

ea0049ep1372 | Thyroid (non-cancer) | ECE2017

20,000 euros for diagnosis of one thyroid cancer case: It is not too much?

Maciejewski Marek , Sawicka Agnieszka , Slomian Michal , Gasiorek Malgorzata , Budzynska-Nosal Renata , Marczewski Krzysztof

Introduction: Thyroid cancer is a major public health problem, and fine-needle biopsy is an established method of its early detection. However, there are still some controversy about the indication for BACC depending on the clinical data and the results of diagnostic imaging. An important role is also played by economic criteria, including socially acceptable, so-called equitable cost of obtaining additional year of life, which in our country is determined to three times the a...