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ea0041ep207 | Cardiovascular Endocrinology and Lipid Metabolism | ECE2016

Moderate cross-sex hormone-induced prothrombotic changes of hemostatic variables in transgender subjects

Selier Nienke , Cannegieter Suzanne , Venemans-Jellema Annemarie , Heijer Martin den

Context: Little research has been performed on hemostatic changes in transgender subjects receiving cross-sex hormone treatment (CSHT), despite the fact that several studies implicate an increased risk of venous thrombosis (VT) associated with hormones.Objective: Assessing whether coagulation is relevantly influenced by prolonged CSHT, stratified for the different treatment modalities, in transgenders.Design and main outcome: Prosp...

ea0081rc8.5 | Rapid Communications 8: Calcium and Bone | ECE2022

Estradiol is the major sex steroid regulating bone marrow fat in both men and women: a study in transgender persons

Tebbens Marieke , Schutte Moya , Troelstra Marian , Nederveen Aart , den Heijer Martin , den Heijer Peter H

Background: Bone marrow fat is a unique fat depot that is regulated independently of other fat depots. Estradiol is an important regulator of bone marrow fat. This is illustrated by an increase in marrow fat fraction after menopause and a decrease following estradiol replacement. We hypothesize that estradiol is the major sex steroid that regulates bone marrow fat not only in women, but also in men.Methods: This is an open-label partly randomized interve...

ea0063oc12.5 | Endocrine Connections 2 | ECE2019

Sexual desire in transgender persons in relation with gender affirming hormone treatment: Results from ENIGI, a large multicenter prospective cohort study in transgender people

Defreyne Justine , Kreukels Baudewijntje , T'Sjoen Guyt , Heijer Martin Den , Heylens Gunter , Elaut Els

Background: The effect of testosterone on sexual arousal has been described in testosterone withdrawal and re-adminstration studies in birth-assigned males. In birth-assigned females, the relationship between sex steroids and sexual arousal is complex. Several steps in the transitioning process may affect sexual desire: hormone therapy (HT) and gender affirming surgery. HT in transgender men (TM) generally leads to increased sexual desire, masturbation frequency, sexual fantas...

ea0037gp.13.05 | Diabetes and obesity – Translational cardiovascular and obesity | ECE2015

The effects of cross-sex hormone therapy on body weight and fat percentage in transgender individuals

Klaver Maartje , Vlot Mariska , Dekker Marieke , Megens Jos , Heijer Martin den

Introduction: Cross-sex hormone therapy is part of the treatment of individuals with gender dysphoria and affects several factors such as body composition and thereby cardiovascular risk. However, little is known about the specific effects on body weight and fat percentage in the first year of treatment.Aim: The aim of this study is to examine the effects of cross-sex hormones on body weight and total fat percentage during the first year of treatment.</p...

ea0056p667 | Neuroendocrinology | ECE2018

Does gender affirming hormone therapy affect anger proneness in transgender persons?

Defreyne Justine , Elaut Els , Kreukels Baudewijntje , Heylens Gunter , Schreiner Thomas , Fisher Alessandra Daphne , Heijer Martin Den , T'Sjoen Guy

Introduction: Anger is an emotional state of feelings varying from mild irritation to intense rage, whereas aggression implies externalizing angry emotions through destructive/ punitive behavior towards other persons/objects. Although research on the relationship between testosterone and aggression is inconclusive, the WPATH SOC 7 guidelines have warned for an increase in aggression in transgender men (TM) taking testosterone treatment.Aims:<p class=...

ea0056p982 | Steroid metabolism + action | ECE2018

Polycythemia in transmen – Prevalence, determinants and outcome in a large cohort

Dijk Dennis van , Wiepjes Chantal , Blok Christel de , Klaver Maartje , Nota Nienke , Tebbens Marieke , Heijer Martin den , Conemans Elfi

Introduction: Testosterone is known to have an effect on hematocrit levels, with polycythemia as an unwanted side effect. An increase in hematocrit levels is also seen in transmen after starting cross-sex hormonal treatment (CHT) with testosterone. The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of cross-sex hormonal treatment with testosterone on hematocrit levels in the context of the safety aspects of this treatment. The prevalence, determinants and outcome of secondary ...