Searchable abstracts of presentations at key conferences in endocrinology

ea0029p1226 | Obesity | ICEECE2012

Curcumin inhibits the upregulation of cathepsin L by palmitate in fat

Yoo J. , Lee Y. , Kim J. , Kang S. , Nam J. , Park J. , Ahn C. , Song Y. , Kim K.

Objective: Cathepsin L can control adipogenesis and relate to acute coronary syndrome. However, it is not clear whether cathepsin L can be affected by saturated fatty acid and decrease by curcumin. We examined the hypothesis that palmitate upregulates cathepsin L expression in adipose tissue and curcumin can be block that effect.Methods: 3T3-L1 cells were fully differentiated for 8 to 10 days and treated with palmitate, LPS, IL6, TNF-α, IL6 neutrali...

ea0039ep118 | Pituitary and growth | BSPED2015

Mosaic form of Turner’s can be associated with normal stature and spontaneous puberty: a case report.

Park J , Losa I

Background: Turner’s syndrome is the most common sex chromosome abnormality in females resulting from a 45,X cell line. A mosaic chromosomal complement (e.g. 45,X/46,XX) is detectable in over half of all patients with Turner’s. Characteristically girls with Turner syndrome have a short stature attributable to the presence of SHOX (short stature homeobox-containing gene on the X chromosome) gene. Most affected women have no pubertal development and primary am...

ea0029p609 | Diabetes | ICEECE2012

Resolution of type 2 diabetes following IFN-α therapy for chronic hepatitis C

Kim D. , Park J.

We report on a patient whose type 2 diabetes resolved following interferon-α (IFN-α) therapy for hepatitis C virus (HCV). A 57-years-old man, presented with fatigue, polyuria and polydipsia. He was newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. During the hospital day, he was also diagnosed with chronic hepatitis. Serological studies for chronic hepatitis demonstrated presence of hepatitis C, type 2a/2c genotype. He was started on subcutaneous insulin and IFN-α. After 24...

ea0029p1158 | Nuclear receptors and Signal transduction | ICEECE2012

Hypoxia-induced estrogen receptor alpha activation is mediated by both the MAPK and PI3K phosphorylation pathways

Park J. , Lee Y.

The estrogen receptor (ER) plays an important role in breast cancer development and progression. Hypoxia was shown to modulate the level of ERα expression and induce ligand-independent transcriptional activation of ERα, which may be intimately associated with the biology of breast carcinomas. Given that phosphorylation affects the transcriptional activity and stabilization of ERα, we examined the changes in phosphorylation of ERα under hypoxic conditions. H...

ea0026p682 | Diabetes therapy | ECE2011

The addition of acipimox in patients with type 2 diabetes with triglyceride level over 150 mg/dl in spite of fenofibrate therapy

Kim D-M , Park J R

Patients with type 2 diabetes have an increased risk of premature coronary heart disease (CHD). One of the underlying reasons for this increased risk is atherogenic dyslipidemia. Current management strategies focus on the initial use of statin or fibrate therapy (the latter approach indicated in patients with pronounced hypertriglyceridemia).American Diabetes Association recognizes serum triglycerides as a surrogate for atherogenic triglyceride-rich lipo...

ea0029p536 | Diabetes | ICEECE2012

Predictive ability of prediabetes defined by fasting plasma glucose and HbA1c for progression to diabetes in Koreans

Kim C. , Kim H. , Kim E. , Bae S. , Park J.

Background: The predictive ability of prediabetes defined by HbA1c (5.7–6.4%) or fasting plasma glucose (FPG) criteria (5.6–6.9 mmol/l) for the development of diabetes may differ according to ethnic groups, but only limited longitudinal data are available in Asians. We examined the progression rate to diabetes in Korean adults diagnosed as prediabetes according to these two criteria.Methods: We analyzed data of 9432 Korean adults (age 20–7...

ea0039oc6.7 | Oral Communications 6 | BSPED2015

Standard and modified release hydrocortisone formulations: cortisol levels and patient preference

Park J , Henderson T , Leyland H , Das U , Didi M , Ramakrishnan R , Peak M , Blair J

Background: Cortisol profiles during treatment with standard hydrocortisone (StdHC) formulations are unphysiological. Some patients, with low cortisol levels between doses, experience symptomatic hypocortisolaemia and may benefit from modified release hydrocortisone (MRHC). Plenadren is a MRHC licensed for once daily dosing in adults.We offered Plenadren to patients with symptomatic hypocortisolaemia, documented to occur at times of low cortisol levels, ...

ea0029p535 | Diabetes | ICEECE2012

The Association of the severity of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease with development of type 2 diabetes: A 4-year longitudinal study

Choi J. , Bae J. , Park S. , Rhee E. , Park C. , Oh K. , Park S. , Kim S. , Lee W.

Aims: Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is reported to contribute to the development of type 2 diabetes, but it is largely unknown whether such a relationship between NAFLD and incident diabetes relates to the severity of NAFLD or it is independent. We aimed to evaluate the association of the severity of NAFLD with development of type 2 diabetes in a retrospective cohort of Korean subjects.Methods: This study included 7,849 individuals without dia...

ea0039ep2 | Adrenal | BSPED2015

Between patient and inter-time point variability in salivary cortisone: cortisol ratios

Park J , Lancaster G , Titman A , Peak M , Newlands P , Collingwood C , Chesters C , Moorcroft T , Hawcutt D , Didi M , Couriel J , Blair J

Background: Salivary biomarkers are attractive diagnostic tools for paediatric practice, enabling non-invasive sampling at home. Salivary cortisol (SCl) and cortisone (SCn) are sensitive markers of adrenal insufficiency during inhaled corticosteroid treatment(1). SCn is reported to be the best correlate of plasma cortisol. Measurements of SCl may not be necessary, reducing cost and sample volumes.Eleven beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 2...

ea0029p504 | Diabetes | ICEECE2012

Glycoalbumin is the best indicator for glycemic variability assessed by continuous glucose monitoring

Suh S. , Joung J. , Park S. , Cho Y. , Jin S. , Kim S. , Kim H. , Bae J. , Kim S. , Chung J. , Min Y. , Lee M. , Lee M. , Kim K. , Kim J.

Aims: We investigated the interrelationship between HbA1c, fructosamine, glycoalbumin (GA), 1,5-anhydroglucitol (1,5-AG) with glycemic variability data from continuous glucose monitoring system (CGMS).Methods: Seventy diabetic patients (mean age of 54 years including seven type 1 diabetes mellitus subjects) were enrolled, and all wore a CGMS for 72 hours. For the parameters of glucose excursion, mean glucose, standard deviation (SD) of glucose, the area ...