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ea0090p511 | Thyroid | ECE2023

Retrospective analysis of diagnostic and therapeutic management in thyroid cancer patients in 2019- 2021 to assess the possibility of treatment de-escalation

Kolton Magdalena , Handkiewicz-Junak Daria , Krajewska Jolanta

Introduction: In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the detection of thyroid cancer (TC) and a number of thyroid surgeries. Both the ATA 2015 and 2022 Polish guidelines allow sparing treatment in low-risk TC, nevertheless, most patients are qualified for total thyroidectomy.Material and method: The present study analyzed how often a TC patient opts for sparing treatment and the relationship between the size of the primary focus and ri...

ea0092ps1-01-09 | Cancer | ETA2023

Risk of renal adverse effects in patients with advanced thyroid cancer who are undergoing radiological monitoring, with a particular focus on patients receiving tyrosine kinase inhibitors

Haras-Gil Malgorzata , Samborski Konrad , Ledwon Aleksandra , Kolton Magdalena , Handkiewicz-Junak Daria , Jarzab Barbara , Krajewska Jolanta

Introduction: Systemic treatment of advanced progressing thyroid cancer (TC) is based on molecularly targeted therapy with tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs), mainly inhibitors targeting vascular endothelial growth factor receptors (VEGFR). Such treatment is related to numerous side effects. However, the relationship between TKIs and renal adverse events (RAEs) is unclear. VEGFR inhibitors are associated with proteinuria. In some patients, increased serum creatinine level and t...

ea0099p161 | Thyroid | ECE2024

Differentiated thyroid cancer in pregnancy. A retrospective analysis of newly diagnosed patients

Bulwa Maciej , Samborski Konrad , Kolton Magdalena , Haras-Gil Malgorzata , Jarzab Barbara , Handkiewicz-Junak Daria , Krajewska Jolanta

Introduction: The question of whether pregnancy has any impact on the prognosis of differentiated thyroid cancer diagnosed in pregnant women was addressed mainly in retrospective analyses, which showed no significant differences in overall and progression-free survival between women diagnosed during pregnancy in comparison to women whose thyroid cancer diagnosis was unrelated to pregnancy. Thus, following the recent guidelines, watchful waiting is the preferred option, and sur...