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ea0029p504 | Diabetes | ICEECE2012

Glycoalbumin is the best indicator for glycemic variability assessed by continuous glucose monitoring

Suh S. , Joung J. , Park S. , Cho Y. , Jin S. , Kim S. , Kim H. , Bae J. , Kim S. , Chung J. , Min Y. , Lee M. , Lee M. , Kim K. , Kim J.

Aims: We investigated the interrelationship between HbA1c, fructosamine, glycoalbumin (GA), 1,5-anhydroglucitol (1,5-AG) with glycemic variability data from continuous glucose monitoring system (CGMS).Methods: Seventy diabetic patients (mean age of 54 years including seven type 1 diabetes mellitus subjects) were enrolled, and all wore a CGMS for 72 hours. For the parameters of glucose excursion, mean glucose, standard deviation (SD) of glucose, the area ...

ea0029p685 | Diabetes | ICEECE2012

A Randomized controlled trial of the effect of internet based mentoring program for type 1 diabetes patients with inadequate glycemic control

Suh S. , Park S. , Cho Y. , Joung J. , Jin S. , Kim S. , Kim H. , Bae J. , Kim S. , Chung J. , Min Y. , Lee M. , Lee M. , Kim K. , Kim J.

Introduction: Widespread availability of internet makes it an attractive communication tool among patients and providers. However, the clinical benefit of telemedical support on diabetes care remains inconclusive. This study is to determine whether an internet based mentoring program can improve glycemic control in type 1 diabetes (T1DM) patients with inadequate glycemic control.Methods: Patients with T1DM on intensive insulin therapy and with HbA1c &#x2...

ea0029p1388 | Pituitary Clinical | ICEECE2012

Diabetes insipidus could be the initial sign of primary hypophysitis

Suh S. , Park S. , Joung J. , Cho Y. , Jin S. , Kim S. , Kim H. , Bae J. , Kim J. , Kim S. , Chung J. , Min Y. , Lee M. , Lee M. , Kim K.

Introduction: The natural history of primary hypophysitis is incompletely understood and best treatment remains controversial.Methods: We performed a retrospective study of 19 patients (mean age of 47 years, fifteen women and four men) who were diagnosed with primary hypophysitis in Samsung Medical Center in Seoul, Korea, from January 2001 to October 2011.Results: Two patients had recent pregnancy and underlying autoimmunity. Most ...

ea0029p755 | Endocrine Disruptors | ICEECE2012

Benzophenone-1 promoted cell growth of BG-1 ovarian cancer cells with estrogen receptors via progression of cell cycle

Park M. , Lee H. , Jeung E. , Choi K.

Benzophenones are organic chemicals widely used as stabilizers to UV light irradiation in plastic surface coatings and food packaging. They have been known that their derivatives appear to have cytotoxic effects. 2-Hydroxy-4-methoxybenzophenone (Benzophenone-3, BP-3) and its metabolite, 2,4-dihydroxybenzophenone (Benzophenone-1, BP-1), are used mostly in the formulation of nail polishes, enamels, bath products, sunscreens and skin care products. In this study, the estrogenic e...

ea0007p126 | Endocrine tumours and neoplasia | BES2004

Improved quality of life (QOL) with normalisation of IGF-I in patients with acromegaly

Paisley A , Rowles S , Roberts M , Lee C , Trainer P

We have previously reported comparisons of ACROQOL, a disease-specific questionnaire for QOL in patients with acromegaly, with the non-disease-specific generic tools Psychological General Well-Being Schedule (PGWBS) and EUROQOL and disease-specific signs and symptoms score (SSS). ACROQOL comprises 22 questions (subdivided into physical and psychological classes, total score out of 110 quoted as percentage, higher scores = better QOL). SSS rates 5 features of acromegaly each ra...

ea0090p41 | Calcium and Bone | ECE2023

Vitamin D status and biomarkers of bone health in diabetic adolescents and children in a multi-ethnic cohort

Ho Clement K. M. , Lee Nicole K. L. , Vasanwala Rashida F.

Objectives: This prospective study aimed at investigating (1) the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency in diabetic adolescents and children in a multi-ethnic cohort, and (2) any association between vitamin D status and ethnic background, glycaemic control (HbA1C), biomarkers of metabolic bone health and lipids.Methodology: Venous blood was drawn from 199 patients with type 1 diabetes (mean age ± SD, 8.2 ± 3.7 years) and 48 patients ...

ea0005oc14 | Cardiovascular Endocrinology | BES2003

A single nucleotide polymorphism in the p22phox gene affects arterial compliance

Drummond R , Brosnan M , Lee W , Kirk A , Pathi V , Hamilton C , Dominiczak A

Increased superoxide(SO) production reduces nitric oxide(NO) bioactivity and increases oxidative stress contributing to endothelial dysfunction in vascular disease. The gene coding for p22phox, a critical component of the NADH/NAD(P)H oxidase enzyme system which produces vascular SO, is CYBA. Among the allelic polymorphisms reported in CYBA is C242T which is associated with progression of coronary atherosclerosis. Radial applanation tonometry with pulse waveform analysis (PWA)...

ea0004p38 | Diabetes, metabolism and cardiovascular | SFE2002

Sex difference in serum leptin concentrations in Chinese type 2 diabetic patients with or without nephropathy

Chan N , Chan W , Ma R , Ng M , Lee Z , Lai C , Tong P , So W , Chan J

Objectives: To investigate whether there is a sex difference in serum leptin concentration in Chinese Type 2 diabetic patients with and without nephropathy.Methods: Early morning fasting serum leptin concentrations were measured in 34 Type 2 diabetic patients (mean age 62.1) with nephropathy (creatinine 120-450micromol/l and spot urinary albumin creatinine ratio (ACR) > 25 mg/mmol), 12 newly diagnosed diabetic subjects (mean age 62.5) with normoalbumi...

ea0098b8 | Basic Science | NANETS2023

ATRX: a novel predictive biomarker for peptide receptor radionuclide therapy in neuroendocrine tumors

Hammad M. , Lee Z. , Asa S.L. , Aboody K. , Mahipal A. , Bajor D. , Chakrabarti S. , Selfridge J.E. , Ocuin L.M. , Hoehn R.S. , Winter J. , Ammori J. , Hardacre J. , Tirumani S.H. , Henke L.E. , Mohamed A.

Background: Peptide receptor radionuclide therapy (PRRT) including Lutetium177 (Lu177) has changed the treatment landscape of metastatic gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (GEP-NETs). There is a subgroup of patients who are resistant or develop resistance after initial success to PRRT, indicating that accurate predictive markers are urgently needed to identify who will benefit from PRRT. We hypothesize that expression of ATRX (Alpha Thalassemia and Mental Retardation...